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Application of gbwhatsapp in E-commerce

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Free GBWhatsApp 2

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Application of gbwhatsapp in E-commerce

Gbwhatsapp is the world's most popular messaging application. In order to maintain its huge user base, the messaging platform continues to add new functions.

Great changes took place when gbwhatsapp business was launched in 2018. This new function provides e-commerce enterprises with the function of displaying their products and better communicating with customers.

Linking your e-commerce website to gbwhatsapp can increase your business traffic. The setup is simple, but the benefits to your business are priceless.

Advantages and disadvantages of using gbwhatsapp business

Before you start your gbwhatsapp business trip, you need to pay attention to some advantages and disadvantages when using the platform.

Simple setup

The process of setting up your gbwhatsapp business application is simple. Following these simple steps, you will be ready to expand your e-commerce website:

First, download the application and register with your company phone number.

Next, go to Settings > Business Tools > business information: fill in your business details, namely: working hours, address, social media links, etc.

Finally, once the gbwhatsapp team validates your business, you can start.

Advantages: increase communication with customers

The main benefit of linking your e-commerce website to gbwhatsapp is to communicate with customers.

The platform makes it easy to classify and reply to contacts.

Gbwhatsapp business also takes advantage of functions such as automatic messaging and "quick reply". These functions make the customer experience to the enterprise fast and efficient.

Advantages: Communication Analysis
Business owners can now access instant analysis through gbwhatsapp business to understand their communication habits. You can study these indicators to show how your customer communication works and how it works.

Statistics include the number of messages sent, delivered, and received. The analysis of gbwhatsapp is the key advantage of future business planning and improved communication.

Advantage: show your business and catalog

Gbwhatsapp business provides fashionable business introduction and catalog design. On your page, customers can scroll through your products. The simple but seamless layout brings a user-friendly experience.

Although it is not an e-commerce platform, your gbwhatsapp directory will guide customers to your e-commerce website. With just one click, consumers are one step closer to completing their purchase.

Disadvantages: gbwhatsapp is usually the target of hackers

Gbwhatsapp has about 2billion monthly active users and is a treasure house for hackers. From phishing messages to "call forwarding" hackers, gbwhatsapp's network security is far from perfect.

An additional step you can take for personal network security is to download VPN APK. Although WhatsApp's end-to-end encryption is a good start, VPN will increase the additional encryption layer you may need.

Disadvantages: lack of data protection

Gbwhatsapp provides convenient communication channels for e-commerce enterprises. However, these functions are not designed for large enterprises. Unlike business priority messaging applications, gbwhatsapp does not provide data loss protection.

The functions of secure business messenger include:

Delete mails and attachments remotely;

Disable screenshots or copy text;

Block access;

Control shared allowances.

Unfortunately, these have disappeared from gbwhatsapp. If your enterprise needs enterprise level security, consider taking regular data backups or using other messaging applications.

Disadvantages: mixed private and business information

This is a subjective problem, but it is still a problem faced by many business owners on gbwhatsapp. On the platform, there is no difference between private and business-related messaging.

If you are troubled by the mixture of personal and business information, it may disrupt the transaction. Alternatively, you can set a phone number different from your personal number on gbwhatsapp business.

How to find new customers through gbwhatsapp?

Now that you are familiar with the advantages and disadvantages of this platform, the next step is to find new customers.

Although there are many ways to achieve this, there are some tried and tested methods.

Link your gbwhatsapp through your e-commerce website

Your e-commerce website is ultimately the largest asset of your enterprise. Link your gbwhatsapp on your website and vice versa. Users from Google can now easily contact you, and users who know your gbwhatsapp details can find your website.

Insert your company phone number on all social media sites

Put your gbwhatsapp number on your Facebook, twitter, and any other social media platform you use. Participating users can now contact you in a simple way or quickly view your business information.

Show your gbwhatsapp on Google or Facebook ads

Provide your gbwhatsapp information directly to consumers. Targeted Google and Facebook advertising is an effective way to increase website traffic. Just add a link to your gbwhatsapp and wait for the influx of new customers.

Add your contact information to your email signature

The next time you write a newsletter or promotion for email, please put your gbwhatsapp phone number in the footer. Prospects can now easily contact you for more information.


Despite its shortcomings, gbwhatsapp business is a simple and free way to expand its customer base. Its famous messaging function can realize smooth customer to enterprise relationship.

By connecting your e-commerce website to the platform, you can open a new communication channel for your business.

Take advantage of gbwhatsapp's global connectivity to observe your traffic and sales growth.