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The world's largest chat software, even peeking at your chat history!

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The world's largest chat software, even peeking at your chat history!

According to Zhang Xiaolong's speech in "2021 WeChat Open Course PRO", 1.09 billion users open WeChat every day. In other words, WeChat users have exceeded 1.1 billion. But even so, WeChat can only be called the largest chat software in China, not the largest in the world.

So, who is the largest chat software in the world?

It's neither Skype nor Facebook, but WhatsApp.

As the world's most widely used chat software, WhatsApp has reached 1.5 billion active users, covering more than 200 countries around the world.

Unlike domestic chat software, WhatsApp uses a subscription system to charge, and it only costs $1 to block all advertisements. Relying on this business, WhatsApp does not need to introduce all kinds of advertisements, and can live well.

The reason why foreign users choose WhatsApp is also very simple, because $1 can remove ads for a year, so the software experience is excellent.

More importantly, because foreign users are very privacy-conscious, and WhatsApp has "end-to-end" information encryption, many users choose to invest in it.

Just recently, though, something went wrong with WhatsApp!

As we mentioned above, WhatsApp messages have "end-to-end" encryption. In theory, it is very secure and pays attention to user privacy, right?

However, WhatsApp employs more than 1,000 contract workers in Austin, Dublin and Singapore to review "millions of WhatsApp user content," according to a new report from WhatsApp.

The employees are understood to "use special Facebook software" to view messages and content flagged by WhatsApp users and filtered by an artificial intelligence system.

In other words, WhatsApp, is going through your chat history.

In fact, back in 2020, a complaint filed with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) noted that WhatsApp uses outside contractors, artificial intelligence, and account information to monitor user messages, images, and videos, WhatsApp’s alleged concerns about protecting users Privacy claims are false.

Going further, in 2017, Tobias Boelter, a security researcher at the University of California, released a report saying that end-to-end encrypted communication service providers like Whatsapp and Telegram use signal-based protocol-based encryption. back door.

The British newspaper The Guardian was the first to report on it, but WhatsApp insists there is no so-called "back door" on its platform.

Now it seems that the so-called "backdoor" of WhatsApp may have been a misunderstanding, because WhatsApp does not need a backdoor to view user messages.

While WhatsApp claims its "end-to-end" encryption is very secure, 1,000+ censors can't make up the numbers, can they?

Therefore, WhatsApp's censorship of user chat content is basically a "real hammer".

In general, so-called end-to-end encryption does not exist in mainstream chat software.

On this Internet, you and I are both transparent people, so please think twice before making any comments.

The Internet has never been a place outside the law.

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