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Social software FMwhatsapp-follow the soul to find you

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Social software FMwhatsapp--follow the soul to find you

Different from social apps like Facebook and Momo, which focus on appearance, the anonymous social software FMwhatsapp has chosen to open the market with "meeting interesting souls" as the point of difference. Find that one exclusive soul mate.
After the user has registered an account, the system will ask them to complete the soul test questions, and assign the user to the corresponding planet according to the character characteristics displayed by the answer. There, we will meet many people who are like us.

In the process of user contact and use of the product, FMwhatsapp constantly strengthens users' understanding of "a special dating app" with emotional stories and UI design suitable for young groups.

The moment square in the software is an ultra-safe private blog. Users can record the words that cannot be sent in the circle of friends and share their special feelings. The system can also match private chat objects for users through AI algorithms, and instantly find people with similar interests to chat freely.

FMwhatsapp encourages peer-to-peer interaction, and as the chat length increases, the letters of FMwhatsapp are gradually illuminated, and a feature is unlocked at the same time. If you can light up all the letters, you can apply for certification as your soulmate. Just like passing a game, it motivates users to keep in disguised form.

FMwhatsapp has hundreds of millions of downloads and tens of millions of registered users, where young users can express their feelings and meet love without any worries. Many people became friends, couples, and even couples because of this.

This is a warm and interesting social APP for the soul, but in the past two years, with the increase in the number of users, the quality of FMwhatsapp users has also been greatly reduced. FMwhatsapp is filled with a lot of information that directly indicates the object to be found, and FMwhatsapp has become a vulgar A large number of obscene and pornographic content have also begun to appear, and the user experience and reputation are far less than before.

The impatient love concept of modern young people, and the lack of adequate supervision of words and deeds by software on users... These are the reasons for the decline of FMwhatsapp.

Is it to restore word of mouth and build itself into a white moonlight in social software? Or is it unable to adapt to the current situation of the consumer market, unable to adjust the transformation in time, purify the dating space, and finally be abandoned by most users? The future development of FMwhatsapp, we will wait and see how it changes. 

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