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TikTok uses tutorial

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TikTok uses tutorial

tiktok is a software that provides services to users all over the world. Many friends don't know how to use tiktok. In fact, we only need to prepare some tools. Let's follow the tutorial of Xiaobian to see how to use tiktok. .
TikTok uses tutorial
The following methods can be tried, some may not be successful due to network reasons.

Note: The mobile phone to be operated should be specially prepared, and it cannot have any domestic software.

method one:

1. First download Douyin, then open the advanced settings, you can see that there are multiple countries to choose from.

2. Then switch the country, click "OK" and then open "tiktok" to watch the short video.

3. If you cannot switch accounts directly from the domestic version, you need to re-register. iOS users can switch and download.

4. Finally, you can go to see more works.

Method Two:

1. First of all, you need to restore the phone to the factory settings, because there will be residual location data when you use the location software.

You need to clear all the junk cache data of the phone before it can run stably.

2. Then a stable and pure network environment is required, and network fluency needs to be guaranteed to a large extent.

3. Turn off the positioning when operating, and set your own time zone to that time when connecting to the network.

4. The last is the language, to follow the region, to synchronize.

Method three:


1. As a mobile app, the first is to choose a mobile phone, it is recommended to use an Apple mobile phone.

2. Because the Apple mobile phone network environment is better, the compression rate is lower when publishing videos.

3. Next, you need to use your iPhone to register an appleid in the United States as a backup.

4. Then you also need to prepare a foreign mailbox, such as Google Mail or Facebook.

Actual operation:

1. First of all, we pull out the sim card of the mobile phone and use wifi to connect to the Internet.

2. Then modify the country and region, and make sure that the local time and date match the region.

3. Then open the App Store with the previously registered US id, and you can download tiktok.

4. After the download is complete, open tiktok and use the foreign mailbox prepared before to register and log in.

If you encounter some problems during the registration process, you can try to leave us a message to see the solution.