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Game Voice Chat Software Leaderboard

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Game Voice Chat Software Leaderboard

1. Discord

Discord is a free app that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS, and also has a web version (sadly, it's not as feature-rich as the desktop version). If you've ever used Slack or IRC, you'll feel familiar on Discord. In addition to voice chat, Discord supports text chat and video chat (up to 10 people).

Pros of Discord

Anyone can create a Discord service for free. Users can join up to 100 different services, and each service is basically independent. There are text channels and voice channels in the service, and the service owner can set up everything about it. Host the service yourself in Discord.

You and your friends can be up and running in minutes. The service is private and players can only join via an invite link ("public" services have a permanent public invite link that anyone can use). Besides the voice chat client, Discord has many features that are well worth checking out.

Discord's Cons

Since all services are hosted through Discord, a failure means all Discord services are down, and you can't do anything but wait.

Additionally, the Discord service is hosted at the following locations. US East, US Central, US West, US South, Europe, Russia, Brazil, Hong Kong, Singapore, India, Japan, South Africa and Australia. If you are outside of these areas, it may cause delays in your voice chat.

For more help using the app, see more Discord tips and tricks.

2. Mumble

Mumble is a free and open source application that runs on Windows, Mac and Linux. On your phone, you can use third-party apps. Plumble for Android and Mumblefy for iOS. It's mostly used for voice chat, although it supports text chat as well.

Pros of Mumble
Mumble excels at low-latency voice chat, which makes it ideal for difficult real-time strategy games, especially those involving teamwork. It also does audio localization based on your position in the game world, but this is only supported in some games (like Guild Wars 2).

Everything is under your control. If you want to control a service, you just download the server version of Mumble and run it on your computer. Others then download a client version of Mumble to connect to your IP address.

If you want to run 24/7 without leaving your computer on all the time, you can buy Mumble server hosting. Expect to pay around $2.5/month for 5 locations, with a steep drop in price per location as you add more locations. And you can get a hefty discount by paying for multiple months at once rather than monthly.

Disadvantages of Mumble
You can only connect to one Mumble server at a time.

The interface is useful, followed by the learning curve. While Mumble is pretty easy to use once you're familiar with it, the initial experience can be pretty poor, especially when you're trying to set up a server on your computer and have no idea why your friends can't connect.

3. TeamSpeak

TeamSpeak is a free app that runs on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android and iOS (the mobile app is a client app only). TeamSpeak is very similar to Mumble in design and operation, but offers some unique features and falls short in some areas.

Advantages of TeamSpeak
TeamSpeak has an easy-to-use interface and high-quality audio, albeit with slightly higher latency than Mumble. However, in most cases, this difference is negligible.

TeamSpeak also has a flexible and powerful permission system that allows different users to control different areas of the server according to their "level". Permissions are also divided into groups, so you can give control of a channel to one user and control of the server to another. This makes community management easier.

Like Mumble, you can host TeamSpeak on your own or pay for it.

Disadvantages of TeamSpeak
You can only connect to one TeamSpeak server at a time.

The maximum capacity of a self-hosted TeamSpeak server is 32 concurrent users. You can increase this limit to 512 if you apply for and obtain a non-commercial nonprofit license. Otherwise, you will need to pay an annual fee based on the maximum capacity.

4. Steam Voice Chat

It's one of the most popular gaming platforms on the planet, but until 2018 Steam didn't have voice chat integrated. Considering the astronomical amount spent on the platform, 100 million users, and the range of games, that's a bit of a stretch.

In fact, the lack of an integrated Steam voice chat tool is exactly what this article exists for

Advantages of Steam Voice Chat
If you're playing games on Steam, you don't have to use third-party voice chat software anymore. Everyone you play with is using the same game server and playing the same game, so all your friends can use the same app to chat.

Steam voice chat works well, as you'd expect from a Steam product. You can put different media types, such as GIFs or audio clips, into Steam Voice Chat for easy sharing. Plus, managing your Steam voice chats in the chat center is easy.

Disadvantages of Steam Voice Chat
There aren't many downsides to using Steam voice chat. Voice call quality can sometimes be poor, but this is usually caused by other internet issues.

If you rely on Steam voice chat to communicate with specific friends or gamers, you won't be able to reach them if Steam goes down. At this point, some users prefer to use other voice chat clients, as this can prevent one company from monopolizing the market.

Steam voice chat is limited when it comes to chatting with other people or with different gamers. You can only chat with your friends in Steam voice chat. In Discord, you can join different servers and chat with different people.

5. Tox
Tox is a little different from the other voice chat tools on this list. Compared to other tools, Tox is very focused on user privacy, using end-to-end encryption to protect your data. It also uses a peer-to-peer connection mode to further enhance your privacy when chatting and playing games.

Tox is actually a protocol and there are several different implementations, depending on your system. Voice chat software using the Tox protocol is available for Windows, macOS, Linux, Android and iOS.

6. Advantages of Tox

The Tox protocol provides gamers with a secure voice chat environment. Privacy is important, and many voice chat tools ignore this important issue. Also, since Tox's source code is open, you can be sure your data won't go wrong.

You can find Tox apps for almost all modern systems, which means cross-platform chat is possible. Also, since Tox is cross-platform, you'll find developers innovating around the protocol and adding functionality to their chat client wherever possible.

Disadvantages of Tox

Because Tox is peer-to-peer, voice quality suffers. Voice quality is only as good as the connection between you. By extension, you can't send messages if other users aren't connected to Tox. Some apps may show that the message has been sent, when in fact it is waiting for the transfer to complete.

Also, due to the open-source nature of the Tox protocol, developers come and go. As of this writing, there are at least seven different instant messaging services abandoned. If a service does not attract enough users, and even if the development team loses interest in the project, it is not impossible to abandon the project.

In addition to the above tools, what other voice chat software? fm whatsapp and YO whatsapp

Listed above are some of the best gaming voice chat apps. Almost every gamer will be interested in one of these. If you don't like them for some reason, there are two other voice chat software available. fm whatsapp and YO whatsapp.

Fm whatsapp lets you make free voice calls and video conferences with other  users with up to 10 participants. Great for gaming chat, but not the best option when actually gaming because the quality isn't optimized, you don't have the ability to push calls, and there's no persistence between calls.

Skype is better for gaming because you can have constant group chats between voice chats, but Skype itself leaves a lot to be desired. It's buggy, error-prone, and the voice quality is generally poor, with a distinctly sharp feel.

Summary - the fire of voice chat software

In this post, we have listed some free voice chat apps for gamers. All of which we would gladly recommend. If we had to choose just one, we would recommend GBwhatsapp.

If you're looking for free apps for gamers, check out this list of free apps for PC gamers.