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Mining Trojan camouflage games, entertainment software dissemination

time:2022-08-04 15:34:04 source:www.dl25.com browse:258

Mining Trojan camouflage games, entertainment software dissemination

Dl25 computer steward recently detected thousands of personal computers infected with mining Trojans from different families. Traceability analysis found that this kind of transmission was suspected to be carried out by the same mining gangs behind the scenes. In the name of distributing games, entertainment or security software, the gang deceived users into downloading and installing software, and advised users to turn off the protection function of existing security software before installation.

The detection data of dl25 computer steward shows that such attacks have shown an obvious upward trend in recent days, and the cumulative number of successful recruitment systems has reached thousands. Mining Trojans consume a lot of computer resources to participate in the calculation of digital cryptocurrencies (commonly known as "mining"), most of which are Monroe coins. Computer infected mining Trojans generally have significant performance degradation, and the speed of running normal software will significantly slow down. Experienced users will find that system resources are seriously consumed by checking the process manager. You will also feel that the computer is seriously heated, and the noise of the cooling fan will increase significantly when the system is strengthened.

Dl25 security experts traced the source and found that the virus would cheat and spread in the name of the following games, entertainment and security software.
Mining Trojan
The above fake mining Trojans and dl25 computer housekeepers have supported detection and interception.

Dl25 security experts remind computer users to try to download and install the software through the official website of the required software or the software management function of the computer manager. If the webpage prompts to turn off the protection function of the security software before running, do not believe it easily. Being cheated to install the mining Trojan will only slow down the computer, and the harm is not too serious. Unfortunately, if you download and install blackmail software, you will encounter serious consequences of all data documents being encrypted.


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