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Which is better, Huawei Hongmeng system or Android

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Which is better, Huawei Hongmeng system or Android

Does Huawei Hongmeng system exchange data with Android? Huawei's Hongmeng system is currently under public testing. However, many friends worry that they will not get used to using Hongmeng system, and even feel that the system is far inferior to Android, and it cannot be restored after updating. So today, let's compare the public beta version of Hongmeng system and Android system. Which is good?
Huawei Hongmeng
Comparison of Huawei Hongmeng system with Android system

1. In terms of software, in addition to Android Software, Hongmeng system will also have exclusive software and functions, but it is still under development.

2. Hongmeng system will use the new ark compiler to comprehensively improve the startup and running speed of mobile phones

3. In addition, the compiler will also use a brand-new software compilation method to provide a better software use environment and improve the software running speed and efficiency.

4. Hongmeng system also has openness. Unlike Apple's IOS, although the Hongmeng system is Huawei's exclusive system, it allows others to optimize and transform it.

4. Since all Huawei mobile phones in the market are still using the Android system, Hongmeng system cannot exist directly without the Android system.

5. The transformation of the operating system must be carried out step by step. From hardware to software, from app to operating habits, users need to adapt a little.

6. It may be too early to judge whether it is good or bad. When most of Huawei's mobile phones use Hongmeng system, it is not too late for us to make a detailed comparison.

7. It is because only when the inventory reaches a certain level can Hongmeng system have the ability and details to make changes independent of Android.

8. In a word, since Hongmeng system currently relies on Android system, it is at least not worse than Android system, which is enough.

Where is the application entrance of Huawei Hongmeng system

1. If you want to apply for the Huawei Hongmeng system, you need to register and apply to become a developer and obtain developer permission.

After registering as a developer, you can register on the official website to participate in the test.

2. We can first follow the official account of "harmony OS developer" on wechat.

3. Then click "beta public test" below.

4. You can register to become a developer for free.

5. Currently, the test models that can participate in are Huawei P40, P40 pro, mate 30, mate 30 pro and matepad pro. There is no latest mate 40 series.