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High quality mobile app sharing

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High quality mobile app sharing

High quality mobile app sharing! Come and see if you like it

Today, I have summarized several high-quality software in my mobile phone. Friends can see if there is one you like.

1. Clear and turbid

This is a very good app cleaning software. It will quickly scan your memory card and scan out large files, empty folders and application cache. At the same time, you can also define rules to filter different content. It will regularly update the cache directory of different applications, so that you can clean up garbage content in real time and accurately. However, the first time I use it, its reading and scanning is a little slow. Maybe my wechat cache is a little big. You can also customize rules and back them up to the network. It has built-in freezing application function. For some functions that are not commonly used, it will not waste memory to run in the background.

It’s an improved version of the official original software for Android. What makes it different is that it has advanced features and customization capabilities that are different from original software. In GBWhatsApp you can customize a lot of things like title, status bar, blue tag and so on. It adds many new features that original software does not have. Having these benefits in the app greatly improves original software’s user experience.


This is a GIF making app. It can use pictures or videos to make gifs. We can choose the number of frames, and can also choose positive or reverse order. We can add text and filters. Using the professional version has more and better functions, such as deleting watermarks, there will be more beautiful filters, and there is no advertisement. You can select the number of frames manually, even if it is a very long video, it can be reduced to a very short one. At the same time, it can also save videos / gifs of various quality, and can be shared to our wechat and friends with one click.

4、FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp
FM WhatsApp is a new online chat social software, dress simple, simple operation, users on line real name registration, rest assured that social, a large number of high-quality friendship groups, all real people, every day there are millions of high-quality friends real name into the platform, a key intelligent greeting, more interactive and intimate, confide in the heart of the pressure, get rid of loneliness, fun social.

Do you still like these software? If you like it, go and download it.