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IOS 16 beta 5 cancel Siri voice shutdown

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IOS 16 beta 5 cancel Siri voice shutdown

It home news on August 7, Apple released IOS 16 developer preview beta 5 today, which brought some changes in details, including the iPhone bangs screen status bar starting to support the display of power percentage. It is expected that Apple will launch the official version of IOS 16 system at the iPhone 14 series conference in September this year.

Previously, some netizens reported that after upgrading to IOS 16 beta 4, iPhone has supported the use of Siri new voice shutdown. Now, according to the latest feedback, Apple has canceled the Siri voice shutdown function of iPhone in the update of IOS 16 beta 5, which has become a traditional reminder before. You need to hold down the physical button and drag the slider on the screen.

In IOS 16 beta 4, after calling Siri to shut down, a pop-up prompt will appear: "confirm, do you want to turn off the power of this device?" The two buttons are "Cancel" on the left and "confirm" on the right. Click the "confirm" button or continue voice operation to shut down the machine.

In the official version of IOS 15.6, calling Siri voice shutdown will remind you that "to turn off your iPhone, press and hold the power button, and then drag the slider that appears on the screen." Or the conventional shutdown mode before.

In IOS 16, the new function of Siri can directly run the corresponding shortcut command when the app downloaded, without setting. Users can add emoticons when sending messages, and choose to send messages automatically without the user's prior confirmation. They can also directly use simple voice commands such as "Hey Siri, hang up", so that they can hang up a call with FaceTime without hands at all.