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Xiaomi starts testing the official version Android 13

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Xiaomi starts testing the official version Android 13

In early May, Google held the Google I/O Google Developers Conference, and officially released android 13, a new generation of android operating system, at the meeting. After several iterations, it was reported that Google will officially launch the android 13 system in September. stable version.

Android 13
Android 13 officially released its fourth beta version not long ago, and Google has promised that this will be the last beta iteration, with the Android 13 stable version coming in a few weeks. The security release notes for Android 13 were released at the same time as the security patch update announcement in August 2022, suggesting that the Android 13 stable version will be officially launched in September. In the release notes, Google said that the default security patch level for android 13 released on AOSP is 2022-09-01, which contains 107 CVE vulnerability patches.

The key upgrade of android 13 this time is to improve the privacy and security of the system. A new privacy information center is added, which integrates the privacy settings scattered around the Android system into the new privacy information center, which is convenient for users. View various data about app permissions here, all data including system permissions can be viewed.

At the same time, the APP's permission to access multimedia is independent. For example, if you want to send photos to friends in WeChat, but do not want to give WeChat permission to view all albums, Android 13 can use the newly added photo selector to manually select the photos to be shared, and Only give WeChat access to the photo to minimize user privacy leakage.

Xiaomi also launched the MIUI 13 system based on the Android 13 beta for Xiaomi Mi 12, Xiaomi 12 Pro, and Redmi K50 Pro some time ago. Some netizens found that Xiaomi has recently launched a new system based on the Android 13 beta version to more models, which has also sparked speculation among many users. Is Xiaomi going to release a new system?

It is reported that Xiaomi this time is Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro, Mi 11 Ultra, Mi 11, Mi 11 Lite 5G, Mi 11 LE (Mi 11 Lite 5G NE), Mi 10S, Mi CIVI, MIX 4, Redmi K40 (POCO F3) and Redmi Models such as the Note 10 Japan version have launched a MIUI version based on Android 13. The latest version of MIUI based on Android 13 is V22.8.7, and more tests will be carried out in the future, but it is worth noting that models such as Xiaomi CIVI, Xiaomi 10S and Redmi K40 will be the last major Android version update , which also means that there will be no larger updates after that.

At the same time, this Android 13 has also made more in-depth optimizations for different sizes and different usage scenarios of folding screens to achieve better display effects between multi-screen switching. In addition, support for MGLRU, the multi-page recycling strategy, is added to the AOSP source code of Android 13, which reduces the virtual memory usage by 40%, and reduces the background manslaughter by 85% when the memory is occupied by 75%. Reduced render latency by 18% when occupied.

I don’t know if Xiaomi’s folding screen can get a better experience. It is reported that at the Lei Jun speech conference on August 11, Xiaomi may release its latest flagship folding screen mobile phone MIX FOLD 2.