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How to hide chat history on YOWhatsApp?

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How to hide chat history on YOWhatsApp?

YOWhatsApp is the most used messenger app. It is a trustworthy, safe and reliable application. One problem with YOWhatsApp is that it doesn't offer chat privacy options. This means that you cannot hide your chat history in YOWhatsApp. I'll show you exactly how to fix this and keep your chats safe. In this article, you will find out about how YOYOWhatsApp hides chat history.
How to hide chat history on YOWhatsApp
The latest update to YOWhatsApp now allows iPhone users to keep them safe by locking their YOWhatsApp with Face ID or Touch ID. do not worry. Android users have other ways to protect their chats. Just stick with this article and you'll know how to do it.

How to hide chat history on YOWhatsApp

I will show you three ways to hide your chat history and not archive it.

1.Hide chat by archiving
Follow the steps below to hide your chat history in YOWhatsApp
Open YOWhatsApp.
Long press on the chat you want to hide.
In the upper right corner, the archive option will appear.
Click it and your chat will be archived.
Keep in mind that this is not a perfect way to hide the chat, because once the other person texts you, the chat will reappear in your YOWhatsApp.

If you want to unarchive an archived chat, follow the steps below.
Open YOWhatsApp.
Scroll all the way down to the bottom of the chat.
There you will see the archive. click it.
Now long press on the chat you want to unarchive.
An option to unarchive will appear. click it.

2. Hide chat via app locker
Here, you'll learn how to lock down the entire app and secure your chats.
Go to the game store.
In the search bar, search for App Locker and download it.
After downloading the app, open it.
Select YOWhatsApp to lock the app with the desired lock.
Now YOWhatsApp is locked.

3. Hide YOWhatsApp chat via Chat Locker
If you just want to hide a few chats, you can follow the steps below.
Open the Google Play Store.
Search for lockers on YOWhatsApp.
Download the app.
Open the app after downloading.
Select chats to hide.
Your specific chat is now hidden and safe.

The original version of YOWhatsApp has no hidden chat feature. You can only archive chats for a period of time until they stop texting you. You can hide your chats using certain locked apps in the Google Play Store.


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