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How to choose chat software in 2022?

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How to choose chat software in 2022?

In 2022, chat black technology dark horse software, which focuses on private chat, uses point-to-point encryption to transmit data, and mainly serves minority groups who want to hide chat. It looks like a software that recites words. In fact, there is a secret entrance into it, which is a chat software. Friends also remind when it's time to recite words, which can be said to be a very minority software

Penguin: This is already an indispensable tool for making friends and chatting in life. With the continuous updating and improvement, it is also loved by more young people. The new function, people nearby and hot chat hall and other functions make it easier for young people to make friends.

VX: at present, the most popular dating and chat software is mainly popular in the circle of acquaintances, but with the popularity, it gradually increases the influx of all kinds of people. Among them, shaking with people nearby can make users have both a sense of surprise and entertainment to make friends with strangers.

Momo: it is a selective tool for strangers to make friends and chat according to their geographical location. Its main purpose is to help young men and women who are becoming more and more homely from making friends online to making friends in reality.

Weibo: although it is an outdated dating and chat software at sunset, we used to brush Weibo before going to bed. Started the booming start of social software, but failed to retain his decline in time


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Support interest groups, multiple blind dates, online KTV, chat social networking and other social games.

There is no limit to the number of groups that can be created and the number of groups that users can join

Flexible taboo and member management for group members

Content review, accurate identification of politics, violence, advertising and other garbage content

Provide one-to-one and one to many audio and video call capabilities


Listening to the name and looking at the icon, no one knows that it is a chat software. It is normally used as a calculator. Enter "0000" hidden entry to activate the chat window. After binding, enter the password to contact his intimate person, chat with his best friend, and never delete the chat record again. Floating button one key return calculator perfect camouflage, do not match the address book, do not use ID number, do not provide password retrieval function, do not know the password, no one can enter the chat interface, pay attention to personal privacy friends, you know

2022 secure and private chat social software, can you get one that suits you