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How to Force Android Apps to Use Dark Mode ?

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How to Force Android Apps to Use Dark Mode ?

Many users prefer to use dark motives and the phone's overall dark theme. But everyone has their own reasons, in most cases, because the white in the dark hurts the eyes.
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Even so, many users say it doesn't matter if you don't have a better monitor, it's mostly what color you prefer.

Dark themes have started to catch on, and many people are waiting for their favorite apps to add a dark mode, as most apps can already add a dark mode.

Also how can you set all apps with a dark theme. However, if you don't have developer mode enabled, you won't find these settings. So the first thing is to open this mode.

First, we open System Settings and navigate to About Phone > Software Information. 

Once we have developer options turned on, we can go ahead and force everything into the dark theme. First, we need to go into system settings.

We'll go to the developer options and go down a bit where we'll indicate the overrides we'll check for Force Dark/Force Dark Mode.

For this feature to work, make sure that developer options and dark mode are also enabled on your device. This way, whenever Dark Mode is enabled, third-party apps that don't support Dark Mode should enforce it.

However, with some apps it just doesn't work, so you can wait until the app allows it in its options.

So, if you're not sure which color you prefer, we recommend trying both to see which one suits you better. But be careful with apps like GBwhatsapp, the color is still white and cannot be changed.

That's it and you're done, but keep in mind that if you turn off the developer options, your phone will go back to the white theme or the one you set. So if you don't like black or you don't like it, just turn it off in developer options or turn off the whole developer options.