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How to Add File Shortcuts in Android

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How to Add File Shortcuts in Android

For some applications, you can use shortcuts on the Android desktop in several ways. You can also use any function provided by the application, just by pressing the shortcut you created on the desktop.
How to Add File Shortcuts in Android
But it also depends on the app you're using, as each app has different options. For example, you can also create a file on the desktop downloaded from the Internet.

If you want to put a file from your download on your desktop, you can do this when you select the file. When you select a file, you can click three dots and you can do various things with the file, one of which is to paste on the desktop.

However, if you want to create a shortcut to a photo or some function, you have to go to the app you want to use and use it for a long time. Then click on options and you will find the added shortcut there. Many apps have multiple options for adding shortcuts, but not all.

Another option is to find an app that already has a lot of apps on the Google Store and create a shortcut through it. Usually, it's easier and you can set more options there that you want the shortcut to have.

But if you just want to create a shortcut to an app, just find the app in the menu. Then put your finger on the app again. The app will create a shortcut and immediately show you the desktop area so you can choose where to provide the shortcut.

You can also put shortcuts to various pictures or videos on your desktop so you don't have to search for them in your gallery and easily waste a few minutes of your time.