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How does Android fake location?

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How does Android fake location?

How to fake your location on an Android phone? 

I'm sure you want to know if you are being tracked or if you want to use an app with location services enabled but your location is simply not correct.

You may want to do this for a number of reasons, but mainly for your safety, since basically no one can track you, and if they do, they'll think you're somewhere else entirely.

Another reason could be that your country doesn't have a different series, so you can set it to a country that allows series and you can watch your favorite series.

Download GPS Spoofing App

Android itself doesn't provide such functionality, but there are several apps that can be arranged through these. Most of them are paid, so be prepared that you may have to pay a little extra to be more secure. However, you don't even have to pay if you don't want to, and many of them offer a lot of features right where you are.

We recommend downloading a software that has been tested by more users so you know what territory you are getting into and what settings you have to go through.

enable developer options

You have to jump into the settings menu and tap the gear icon. From there scroll down to the bottom of the list and select System Options.

Then tap About phone and quickly tap the build number. If you have lock screen security, you need to verify it, then developer options should be unlocked. To find it, click the back button and select the "Develop" option.

Select Mock Location App

Then you'll find the mock location option there, where you'll choose the apps you installed, mostly under the name of fake locations.

Fake your location

Then you just have to set where you should put it based on the installed apps. There you can set a specific address or just a state.

You can then enjoy movies or series that are banned or feel safer. Or in the end, you'll feel safer because if someone tried to find you, they might find you in a completely different place if they didn't have a device that could bypass these settings.