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Does the mobile phone need to install anti-virus software?

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Does the mobile phone need to install anti-virus software?

The development of the Internet age has brought convenience to our lives, and network security issues have also followed. Not only computers, network viruses have become the "number one killer" affecting the normal use of mobile phones. Today, let's discuss whether it is necessary to install anti-virus software on mobile phones.


1. Closure of the system
Does the mobile phone need to install anti-virus software
Different from Android system, the closeness of IOS system has become an important reason for Apple mobile phones to be free from viruses. Android system is an open system. Users can download applications through a variety of ways, such as SMS links, QR code downloads, etc., which may become the cause of mobile phone virus infection. In addition, many "rogue" software also has the phenomenon of bundling and downloading, and Android users will be caught if they are not careful.

2. Check the app store

In Apple's IOS system, users can only download software through the app store. It is precisely because the strict control of the app store ensures the security of iPhone software that rogue software and virus software are difficult to enter Apple's mobile phone.

3. Strict management of mobile phone permissions

Many virus software will have problems of sneaking traffic and involving property security, but as long as we don't open permission to the software, these software will not work. We will find that even if we can download extranet software, it will not be used after a period of time, and there will be frequent flash back.

4. No external storage expansion capability

Many people will complain that the memory space of iPhone is too expensive. For the same mobile phone, the price of the two memory versions is very different, and it does not support external memory cards. Although many people complain about this, it is not a bad thing. Some cheap external storage devices will carry viruses and have no ability to expand external storage, which also well prevents the intrusion of problematic software into mobile phones.

Android Phones:

There are many anti-virus software on Android. If your mobile phone has been updating the latest security patches so far, stick to downloading applications on the official app store of your mobile phone, and avoid clicking any suspicious links, which can largely prevent malware from entering. Now domestic Android phones, such as Huawei ov, basically integrate the anti-virus function into the built-in software such as mobile housekeeper, so consumers do not need to install additional anti-virus software.

In fact, at present, as long as Android does not root, apple IOS does not jailbreak, mobile phone software should not install applications outside the officially recognized app store, and do not grant unnecessary permissions to the software at will. Being able to do this will largely ensure that your mobile phone is in a safe state. However, if the user's mobile phone has been swiped or jailbroken, it is difficult to ensure that the mobile phone will not be invaded by viruses, so it is better to install anti-virus software. Generally, do not grant unnecessary permissions to the software, which can also ensure the safety of mobile phone use to a certain extent.

In addition, the most common causes of cell phone poisoning are the following:

1. Scan the code carefully. Now that everything can be swept, sweeping does bring us a lot of convenience, and it also makes people less alert to QR codes, which gives lawbreakers an opportunity. Don't scan QR codes with unknown sources, especially those with advertising nature.

2. Public WiFi connection must be cautious. It is not uncommon for public WiFi to expose the privacy of mobile phone users, so when going out, mobile should turn off the WiFi function to prevent the mobile phone from connecting to unknown WiFi unconsciously.

3. Don't browse some irregular websites, don't click on the pop-up ads of these websites, and don't download software through these links.

In fact, for closed mobile phone systems, if the software is downloaded from formal channels, there is no need to download anti-virus software to avoid increasing the burden of mobile phone operations, but if there are the above high-risk operations, downloading mobile phone software is really necessary.