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How to flash an Android phone

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How to flash an Android phone

How to flash an Android phone? Let me show you the easiest way to flash the machine: one is to use the software to download the ROM and flash the machine online with one click! The other is to copy the ROM to the SD card and then enter the recovery mode to flash! ! Brushing is risky, be careful;
Android phone
One-click online flashing with software

1. This requires the installation of a flashing software, which is used by a lot of people. There is also a ROOT function, and rooting is also required for flashing. We Baidu search "Master Zhuo", then click to download and install! !

2. Then we enter our mobile phone, click Settings, and then click Developer Options. Turn on USB debugging. Different Android versions of mobile phones open in different positions. You can find it in the settings

3. Then connect the mobile phone to the computer with a data cable, and then open the installed Master Zhuo, and click the ROM area after Master Zhuo is successfully connected to the mobile phone. There will be a lot of mobile phone flashing packages. Find a flash package that suits your model and download it! !

4. Then follow the instructions in the picture above, click the download status below, and you will see the location of the ROM download after opening it! !

5. Then copy the compressed file of the ROM you downloaded. This file can also be copied directly to the SD card and enter the recovery mode to flash! ! Downloading the flash package is the most important! ! And download the flash package that suits your model, otherwise it will be easy to become bricked! !

6. After the download is complete, there will be a button for flashing, or we enter the one-click flashing in the navigation, select the flashing package and click Next, choose whether to record, then click Next and wait for the successful flashing prompt! !

Recovery mode flashing method

1. First of all, make sure whether your phone has been flashed into Recovery. If not, you need to flash into Recovery to enter Recovery for flashing. Here's a follow-up demonstration of how to flash into Recovery! !

2. Then we enter the settings to turn off the USB debugging, and copy the flash package to your SD card. Turn off USB debugging to read out your phone memory.

3. Then enter the recovery mode, some of the keys to enter the recovery mode are different. Some can enter the recovery mode from the computer control, and some can enter the recovery mode by pressing the power button + volume button! ! After entering recovery mode, clear all data first! !

4. Then we are clearing the cache data in the phone! ! These operations can be adjusted up and down using the volume keys. Make sure it's the power button! !

5. Then we are choosing the flashing package, we are installed on the SD card! So choose the flashing package from the SD card! !

6. Our flashing package is a ZIP file, click to select the ZIP file from the SD card! ! Then select the file of the flash package and click OK! !

7. After the flashing is successful, there will be a successful prompt, and then return to restart the system to enter the new system you flashed! !

Once again, there is a risk of flashing the machine, and it is easy to become bricks! ! Please brush with caution! !