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Super File Shredder 4.1

Super File Shredder 4.1

  • size: 2.39MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v4.1
  • type: Office software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2022-07-30 16:43:05

brief introduction

Super File Shredder 4.1

Super File Shredder 4.1 is a very stable and powerful high-quality file shredding software. The software can effectively help users to completely smash various computer software, and powerful services are waiting for you to experience.

Description of Super File Shredder 4.1

1. Thoroughly
The shredding with this software is very thorough and there is no possibility of recovery.

2. Free
All the powerful functions of the software do not require money and are completely free to use.

3. One key
The functions of the software have been greatly facilitated, which can complete the crushing of users with one click.

4. Small
The software is small and compact, and it occupies very few resources, so it can be used smoothly.

Super File Shredder 4.1 Features

1. The software can perform batch services for everyone's computers, and shred various files with one click.

2. The software can easily scan everyone's needs and effectively meet the needs of users.

3. The use of this software will not appear any advertisements, and the use experience is very refreshing.

4. The software can support users to add trust and prevent important files from being smashed.


  • Super File Shredder 4.1