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photoshop cs6 crack version free download

photoshop cs6 crack version free download

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  • Version: cs6
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brief introduction

photoshop cs6 crack version free download

Photoshop CS6 Chinese cracked version integrates Adobe's proprietary Mercury image engine and has the most powerful image editing capabilities. The new function of Content-Aware makes it easier and more convenient for users to select areas, cut out images, etc. Photoshop CS6 Chinese crack version can be said to be the most popular software for graphic designers! Download password: mq0w


Photoshop can be divided into image editing, image composition, color correction and special effects production. Image editing is the foundation of image processing, and can do various transformations on images such as enlargement, reduction, rotation, skew, mirroring, perspective, etc. It can also be copied, removed mottled, repaired, and damaged pictures. Picture composition is to combine several pictures through layer operations and the use of things to form a complete picture that conveys clear meaning, which is the only way for art planning. The drawing tools provided by Photoshop allow foreign images to blend well with creativity. Color correction is one of the most powerful functions in photoshop. It can easily and quickly adjust and proofread the color of the image, and it can also be switched between different colors to satisfy the image in different areas such as page design. , printing, multimedia, etc.

Software Features

1. Support a variety of picture formats

The image formats of images supported by Photoshop include PSD, EPS, DCS, TIF, JEPG, BMP, PCX, FLM, PDF, PICT, GIF, PNG, IFF, FPX, RAW and SCT, etc. The pictures are saved as other formats to meet special needs.

2. Support a variety of color forms

The color formats supported by Photoshop include bitmap format, grayscale format, RBG format, CMYK format, Lab format, indexed color format, duotone format, and multi-channel format, etc., and can complete the transformation between various formats. Photoshop can also adjust the size, resolution and cloth size of the image arbitrarily, which can not only change the size of the image without affecting the resolution, but also increase or decrease the resolution without affecting the size of the image.

3. Provides a powerful function of selecting image size

Using rectangle, oval mask and cover tool, you can choose one or more different sizes, the selection size of the shape is more magnetic than the tool can make the selection size close to the image to be selected according to the pixel contrast of the selection edge, use the magic wand tool Or the color scale command can automatically select what you want according to the color, and cooperate with the use of a variety of shortcut keys to complete the addition, subtraction and inversion of the selected scale.

4. Able to make various modifications to the picture

Such as moving, copying, posting, cutting, erasing, etc., if there is a mistake in the modification, it can also be revoked and restored infinitely, and Photoshop can also rotate and deform the image arbitrarily, such as flipping or rotating in a fixed direction.

5. Able to adjust the color harmony and color of the picture

It makes the adjustment of hue, saturation, brightness, and contrast simple and easy. Photoshop can adjust a selected size by itself, and can also adjust a selected color. Using color balance reverse order can change the color in the color image. Mixing, using the level and curve commands can adjust the highlights, dark harmony and center tone of the image separately, which is difficult to achieve with traditional painting techniques.

6. Provides the function of painting

Using the airbrush tool, brush tool, pencil tool, straight line tool, can create various graphics, through the self-set brush shape, size and pressure, you can create different brush effects, using the mutation tool can produce a variety of mutations Effects, burn and lighten tools can selectively change the exposure of an image.

7. Photoshop users can create layers

Background layer, text layer, adjustment layer and other layers, and each layer can be easily modified. Users can copy, move, delete, flip, merge and compose layers arbitrarily. Placement, you can also use operations such as adding shadows to create special effects, adjustment layers can control the transparency and saturation of the layer without affecting the image, and the text layer can modify the text in the image at any time. Users can also Modify different color channels separately, and use masks to accurately select sizes, save and load operations.

8. Photoshop provides nearly 100 kinds of filters

Each filter is different, and users can use these filters to achieve various special effects, such as using the wind filter to add movement to the picture, and using the emboss filter to create an emboss effect.


  • photoshop cs6 crack version free download
  • photoshop cs6 crack version free download