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Dingding office software download

Dingding office software download

  • size: 331M
  • platform: AN
  • Version: 6.5.30
  • type: Office software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2022-08-08 16:39:59

brief introduction

Dingding office software download

Dingding is a very powerful intelligent office software. Nailing computer version can quickly create hierarchical management of the team; Internal and external contact, intelligent video call; The key information of the enterprise is encrypted transmission, secure storage and other features. Are you the only one who wants to nail?

Of course not! I made some contribution to the fight against the epidemic - Dingding certified the national new professional digital manager, helped the organization to better respond to the call of online office and home class, and helped the organization to smoothly realize long-distance and efficient cooperation.

Nailing computer software features:

1. Platform security: the official office software of Dingding has strong security measures, anti attack technology, and full monitoring security.

2. Data security: the transmission of data through encryption and decryption is more secure, the authentication system is perfect, and the distribution of resources is more convenient.

3. Efficient communication: the message "read but not read" is clear at a glance, and the reminder of any message will not be missed.

4. Smart call: nail the latest version of smart video call, smart approval, smart nail disk, smart check-in, to create an intelligent office.

5. Communication content encryption: pin pin and third-party secret key system are used for address book and chat information to realize double encryption and comprehensive protection of communication content.

6. Real name communication: real name communication among colleagues. External personnel are not allowed to join the internal group.

Enterprise return to work guide - non contact return to work to help enterprises do a good job in health management://

Return to work without contact

What should I do if I am afraid of contacting the fingerprint of the attendance machine when I punch in at work?

Nailing has launched a new "contactless attendance" solution, which enables mobile phones to punch in, avoid queuing, fingerprint contact, and mask removal, avoid contact risk, and help enterprises to return to work healthily.

There are many people in the morning meeting. What should I do if I am worried about the crowd gathering?

The "project group" is used to replace the white board of the morning meeting, and the morning meeting can be held without gathering. Assign tasks and track progress in the group. Every morning, follow up the completion of yesterday's tasks in the group and assign today's tasks.

How to reduce face-to-face communication when discussing work?

Use "cloud office" to communicate online and efficiently discuss without face-to-face. Featured group chat, group tools, video conference, etc., all equipped. Online communication is as efficient and simple as face-to-face communication.

How to avoid the use of paper documents, transfer and contact?

Use "online documents" to support online co editing. Documents, forms and PPT can all be supported to avoid transmission and contact with paper documents. Mobile computer pad multi terminal real-time synchronization, safe and efficient.

Health management

How can an enterprise resume work safely and orderly in a special period?

Enable "employee health", employees fill in health information, the enterprise can check the health status of the team in real time, and arrange employees to return to work in an orderly manner.

How to quickly collect the health information of thousands of students in the school?

Using the student's "health report" and the unified template of the whole school, according to the student's real-time statistics, the head teacher's one button Ding reminder, the data can be exported quickly, saving time and worry.

Training, large-scale meetings, how to avoid crowd gathering?

With "group live broadcast", mobile phones or computers can initiate and watch the live broadcast, and the maximum support is that tens of millions of people can watch it online at the same time. It can be used for enterprise training, large-scale conferences and remote teaching.

Nailing computer version FAQ

1. Can the administrator view the chat records between employees in the background?

Administrators or other people cannot view the chat records they are not participating in. The chat records can only be seen by the people who send and receive the chat. The nailing platform attaches great importance to the protection of customer privacy. In terms of the security of product functions, it also attaches great importance to privacy protection. For example, in a chat session, only those who participate in the chat can view the corresponding files, and those who are not in the chat session do not have the right to view the files. Enterprise administrators and old boards cannot view employee chat information from the management background, and the nailing platform will not provide enterprises with the function of viewing employee chat content.

2. How long can chat records be kept?

The current chat record is stored in the cloud. If you do not clear it, the chat record will be kept for the last 1 year. Even if you change your mobile phone in the chat box, you will see the chat information within 1 year.

3. How to delete a chat record?

You can choose to delete message records and withdraw messages.

[delete message]: deleting your own local message record cannot change the action that has been sent and will not affect the other party's record.

[withdraw message]: the message received by the other party will be withdrawn as if it had not been sent.

[operation method]: long press the chat message in the mobile phone nail to withdraw or delete it; In the computer version of nailing, place the mouse on the message, and three small dots will be displayed. After clicking, you can choose to withdraw or delete (in the dialog window list, right-click a dialog window, and you can choose to clear the chat record).

[warm tips]

1. No matter whether the other party has read or not, it can be withdrawn within 24 hours after sending.

2. If the mobile phone operation is deleted, the computer will also be deleted synchronously, and vice versa.

Nailing computer version update log:

[video conference optimization]

Speak after silence, intelligent reminder, turn on microphone

During the meeting, after the silence, you will always speak "Hello, hello", intelligently remind you to speak after turning on the microphone, so as to avoid the embarrassment that you said a lot but no one heard, and improve the communication efficiency;

View network quality status

During the meeting, the network quality status of yourself and other participants is clear at a glance, and the network is normal, poor, and disconnected, and the communication is more efficient;

Set beauty and virtual background before the meeting

Before the meeting, you can set your own beauty effect and virtual background effect in advance, and then start the meeting or join the meeting after you are ready;

The mobile terminal supports setting its own virtual background

You can choose various picture templates and materials. You can also customize the picture background to protect your environmental privacy during meetings, training and classes.

[digital Manager - Junior New Online]

Digital certification has been upgraded, and the qualification certification of nailing administrator has started the digital management of enterprises.

[to do function upgrade]

When creating a new to-do list, it supports intelligent identification and automatically sets the deadline. Try creating a new "prepare meeting materials this afternoon"; Set deadlines and add multiple reminders to never miss important things again.


  • Dingding office software download
  • Dingding office software download
  • Dingding office software download