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Superstar Reader PC Edition

Superstar Reader PC Edition

  • size: 9M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v4.1.5
  • type: Office software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-10-19 03:21:05

brief introduction

Superstar Reader PC version is a very convenient reading software for users, which can better bring you more convenient books to read online. It can easily support various document formats, allowing users to easily open what they want to read. The content will bring you more convenient operability, the software is very simple, the interface is concise, and there are abundant resources provided for users for free on this road, creating a more different feeling, and new fun can satisfy you.

Superstar Reader Software Highlights

There is a convenient operating system here, bringing you a more exciting and convenient experience, which can be done with quick operations.

Support the online import of the data here, for you to experience a different offline data display, the new book function brings a new feeling.

According to your own operation, you can complete various prompts here. Each function can bring you more experience. The functions of the software are very powerful.

A large number of books can give you more satisfaction for whatever you want to read. The new books allow you to have your own reading needs, and you can download and read easily with one click.

Superstar Reader Software Features

Chaoxing Reader can support all functions such as automatic page turning, page conversion, and background change according to the online reading habits of users.

Users can collect, write and mark their favorite sentences, import and export their own content, text, etc., and provide different personalized settings.

You can download books here for offline reading, import files from outside, and support PDG, PDZ, PDF, HTML, TXT formats for you to use more conveniently.

The Chaoxing Reader brings more than 400,000 kinds of books on the whole network, which can help you accurately find the massive demand books, and you can quickly find them by entering the name or the author of the book.

Superstar reader software advantages

Main menu: All the function commands in the software brought here, among which the "Registration" menu is to provide help for users in registration, and the "Settings" menu is to provide users with setting operations of related functions.

Functional ear: including "resource", "history", "communication", "search", "production"

"Resources": Various books and Internet resources are brought to users in the resource list, which can bring more comprehensive management to users.

"History": History, the history that the user has visited here. Each use view to find your needs better.

"Communication": online Chaoxing community exchange and discussion, reading exchange and consultation on difficulties, the book search tool allows you to use more simple and easy browsing.


  • Superstar Reader PC Edition
  • Superstar Reader PC Edition
  • Superstar Reader PC Edition