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Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant

Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant

  • size: 3.3MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.8.5
  • type: Office software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-01 03:21:05

brief introduction

Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant is a professional and practical office typesetting plugin. The software takes up very little memory and is very easy to operate. It provides users with various functions, such as quick settings for page layout, common text formatting, and insertion of common symbols. It also supports quick setting of project numbers, the software is green and safe, free and without advertisements. Interested friends can download and try.

Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant Software Features

It can be used normally in word (above 2010) and wps (above 2013).

Instructions for Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant

Why is it easy to use, because I have tried many typesetting plugins, all of which have the same functions, and this software has the most stable customization functions. After all, not every place has the same font.

On my side, the big title is Founder and Xiaobiao Song Simplified No. 2, the first-level title is Founder Heiyi Simplified No. 3, the second-level title is Founder Regular Kai Style Simplified No. 3, and the text Fangzheng imitates Song Simplified No. 3.

The customization function of this software is very powerful and stable, and the functions of other typesetting software are similar, especially the red letters of official documents, but many typesetting software cannot customize fonts.

Precautions for Little Dinosaur Typesetting Assistant

One is to "print" in versions of upper text, such as requests and reports. "Print" is recommended.

The second reason is that the first page of a letter-style official document usually does not need a page number.

The third is how many copies do not need to be printed according to current specifications.

The fourth is the even-numbered page of the page, when there is text on the even-numbered page, the page number should be set. If there is no text, there is only a page number, and no page number.


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