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Youdao video conference

Youdao video conference

  • size: 74.8M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type: Office software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-15 03:21:05

brief introduction

Youdao video conference is a video conference software that can realize remote multi-party video conference sharing on the computer. Here you can realize the remote work conference through the real-time picture and voice transmission function, and provide conference solutions and solutions to enterprise problems. Solid foundation. The application scenarios are very wide, not only for user video conferences, but also for document presentations, collaborative office, recruitment interviews and other scenarios. This site provides Youdao video conference computer version download, welcome to experience.

Youdao video conferencing computer software introduction

The software provides clear and intuitive online video conference images, as well as high-definition voice transmission with audio and video synchronization. While simple and easy to operate, it can bring a multi-party video solution to solve the remote conference problems of enterprises and individuals, and is suitable for a variety of scenarios that require remote video activation. It is convenient, practical, simple and efficient.

Youdao video conferencing computer software features

High-definition and smooth, the meeting is stable

Dynamically adjust the quality of audio and video under different network bandwidths, ensure lip synchronization, real-time multi-party interaction of audio and video, and experience face-to-face fast communication.

Share screen, communicate more efficiently

One-click to open, dynamic display of on-screen pictures or presentation documents, etc. Contrast the explanation, the communication is more efficient.

Quickly initiate real-time management meetings

With one key to initiate a meeting, the host can control the input device and joining status of the participants at any time to control the meeting, and the joining and speaking status can be seen at a glance.

The latest update of Youdao video conferencing computer version

Official version: 1.0.1

Unlimited number of participants, large-scale conference training is more convenient;

Support meeting reservations and arrange plans at any time;

One-click to initiate/participate in a meeting, and the meeting process is more simplified;

Support screen sharing, smooth remote communication and presentation;

One-click participation of conference ID, one-touch access;


  • Youdao video conference
  • Youdao video conference