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Haifeng Wubi Input Method

Haifeng Wubi Input Method

  • size: 4.3M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v9.5.1
  • type: Application tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-15 03:21:05

brief introduction

The new version of Haifeng Wubi input method is a very practical software for users, allowing you to better edit every word here, and let you easily enjoy the convenient operations brought here. There are a large number of words in the software for users, bringing you more associative words here. It can be edited in the software, can identify typos, the software is suitable for any computer system, the compatibility is very good, and the size is also very small, which brings more convenient operations to users.

Haifeng Wubi Input Method Software Highlights

The operation of the software is very simple. There are no advertisements to bring more powerful functions to users.

You can freely choose various input methods here, bringing you more simple and convenient operations.

You can freely download themes in the software, which can bring you better operability, and the overall experience is very good.

There are also more languages ​​supported here, allowing you to switch freely in the input method, which is very efficient.

Features of Haifeng Wubi Input Method Software

Include a variety of super large character sets, all of which have more than 70,000 Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters

You can choose the encoding method, including 86 version and 98 version, all kinds of versions can be provided here for you.

Supports the use of simplified encoding to quickly output traditional Chinese characters, as long as you need it, it can meet your needs.

Quickly select the manual FM function, all more than 70,000 Chinese, Japanese and Korean characters, and 60,000 high-frequency words are selected.

Haifeng Wubi input method software function

Support for 64-bit operating systems, so that you can better adapt here, quickly become proficient and simple input.

The way to use is the same as most input methods, so that you can get started better, all are very simple.

And it can also quickly complete various operations you need, improve your efficiency and save time.

Customize your input content to provide you with a variety of related related words.


  • Haifeng Wubi Input Method
  • Haifeng Wubi Input Method