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Cooling input method computer version

Cooling input method computer version

  • size: 18M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v2.1
  • type: Application tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-29 03:21:05

brief introduction

Cooling input method computer version is a necessary input method software for installation. There are many contents here to bring users a lot of vocabulary, and the super convenient input methods can bring you a different experience. The super intelligent functions can help users with any problems encountered during use. The interface of the software is very brief and powerful, allowing you to enjoy everything here easily. The new input method experience makes you feel better and different. input method.

Cooling input method software highlights

You can have a variety of input methods here, one-click, switching is very simple and fast.

Without any advertisements, it can also automatically identify typos for users and improve the adaptation efficiency of the software.

Every content here has been better optimized to improve a new experience for everyone, let's feel here together.

With a lot of vocabulary, we can provide you with whatever content you want here, bringing you very convenient operations.

Cooling input method software features

It can provide you with more related words intelligently, fast typing improves typing speed, and brings you more time.

User-friendly settings, more convenient operation, five custom input modes, each mode has its own characteristics.

Multiple modes make input more flexible, analyze browsed web pages and articles, and put new words learned into the thesaurus. Popular pure pinyin input mode

Popular pure pinyin input mode. Users can configure various aspects of the mode, interface, and usage habits.

Cooling input method update log

1. The phenomenon of individual pronunciation missing words.

2. Incorrect pronunciation of individual words in pinyin phrases.

3. Solve the errors that may be caused in the import of Wubi custom phrases.

4. Solve the problem of using Cooling to exit the application under Office XP.

5. Solve the error of the traditional Chinese characters in the five-stroke reverse check.

6. Solve the memory failure of the status bar shrinkage.

7. Solve the lack of some Wubi codes.

8. Solve the situation that "semicolon" and "quotation marks" are invalid as two or three candidates.

9. Solve the compatibility error of self-learning function.

10. Solve the backspace failure of Kuling Wubi.


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