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Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version

Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version

  • size: 80M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.5
  • type: Application tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-24 03:21:05

brief introduction

Tomato Live Wallpaper for PC is a must-have theme desktop software for your computer. There are many beautiful and beautiful desktop wallpapers that allow you to better choose your favorite content. Each wallpaper is in high-definition quality, dynamic and static. Give you a different experience. You can download any type of wallpaper you like online, change it with one click, and it is very effective. A lot of simple operations make it easy for you to use, and every resource is provided for free.

Tomato Live Wallpaper software highlights

This is a user-friendly software experience, and a lot of interesting content can be adapted to any age group.

Massive resources will be updated every day to bring users a more different experience, and many live wallpapers are more realistic.

Make your desktop more special, it is no longer static, you can also set it to change freely, and use a different desktop every day.

Completely classified, all wallpapers can be used better, bringing users a new software experience, the software is very small and smooth to use.

Tomato Live Wallpaper software features

1. Massive wallpapers: a selection of massive HD wallpapers: fixed and updated every day to make your computer desktop more exciting

2. Common categories: landscape wallpapers, anime wallpapers, Douyin popular net red wallpapers, idol stars, national husbands, cute pet wallpapers, everything

3. One-click setting: One-click to set desktop wallpaper and lock screen wallpaper, the operation is more convenient, and it automatically adapts to the computer screen

4. Lock screen wallpaper: Tomato live wallpaper computer version colorful lock screen, solve the embarrassment of a single lock screen wallpaper

5. Reliable and safe, green and smooth: It takes up negligible system storage to achieve the purpose of saving power and not repeating self-starting. It can be adapted to various machines with the dynamic wallpaper function.

6. Quick search: One-click search for videos of idol stars, national husbands, welfare cute pets, and various old drivers directly to the computer desktop

Features of Tomato Live Wallpaper Software

1. Cycle, you can set 1 wallpaper cycle, or you can cycle in random order

2. Upload local video for desktop wallpaper, you can upload your favorite video locally

3. After clicking the upload button, the browser page will be opened, and the wallpaper video upload will be performed as required

4. Discover more recent features and representative videos are grouped into one category in the form of special topics to help users find similar wallpapers


  • Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version
  • Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version
  • Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version
  • Tomato Live Wallpaper PC version