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Kuaishou Live Companion PC Edition

Kuaishou Live Companion PC Edition

  • size: 158.7M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v3.1.8
  • type: Application tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-07-16 03:21:05

brief introduction

The computer version of Kuaishou Companion is a GIF game ** software released by Kuaishou. Kuaishou ** Companion is finally online on the PC side. This site provides the download of the computer version of the software. The anchor who loves the game can finally play it on the computer. Start live streaming after installation, but you need live streaming permission on Kuaishou app.

Kuaishou** Companion PC software features

Computer** Multiplayer interaction

Large-screen high-definition, exciting battles

Interesting comments, interactive anytime, anywhere

You can choose online games, e-sports, and shows as you like, and broadcast them how you want!

Mobile game** Recording and broadcasting is more exciting

The mobile game partner starts broadcasting with one click, and you can play mobile games freely without worry.

Record highlights and share show records with one click

Kuaishou Live Companion PC Edition

Unlimited games, wonderful start

Unlimited games, online games, mobile games, strategy, stand-alone games, you can play whatever you want

As long as you play the game, the ** platform welcomes you to join at any time!

The Kuaishou platform launched with hundreds of millions of fans

Billion-level user platform, quickly accumulate fans

Mining potential superpowers for you, there are always wonderful things you can't think of

The road to becoming an internet celebrity, start here!

Kuaishou** will be activated automatically, no need to apply. All you need to do is bind your phone to Kuaishou settings and insist on publishing high-quality works. If you find that a locked "**" suddenly appears in the lower right corner of the video shooting interface, then congratulations, please chat with fans as soon as possible.

Fast Live** will eventually be available to all users, but since many features are still being improved, it will allow users with more real fans and more high-quality works to experience it early. We do not charge users for any reason. Any requests for consultation fees, deposits and service fees from users are fraudulent. Please don't believe any promises to unblock, turn on live broadcasts, and upload hot posts.


  • Kuaishou Live Companion PC Edition
  • Kuaishou Live Companion PC Edition