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Storm video

Storm video

  • size: 55.57MB
  • platform: Windows操作系统
  • Version: 5.75
  • type: Application tools
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-07 03:21:05

brief introduction

Baofengyingyin is a very popular and powerful video player software. This software provides users with powerful multi-format video and audio playback, and will switch the best three decoding methods for video. Users can play the current mainstream audio in various formats and the vast majority of videos on the market here, and watch and download more massive videos online. If you like it, come and experience it.

Storm video

Baofengyingyin software features:

By automatically detecting the user's computer hardware configuration;

·Automatically match the corresponding decoder and rendering chain

·Automatic adjustment of hardware support

It provides and upgrades the system's support for most common audio and video files and streams, including: RealMedia, QuickTime, MPEG2, MPEG4 (ASP/AVC), VP3/6/7.Indeo, FLV and other popular video formats; AC3/DTS /LPCM/AAC/OGG/MPC/APE/FLAC/TTA/WV and other popular audio formats; 3GP/Matroska/MP4/OGM/PMP/XVD and other media encapsulation and subtitle support, etc. With the latest version of Windows Media Player, it can complete the playback of most of the current popular video files, streaming media, video discs, etc. without any other special software.

Baofengyingyin software highlights:

Adopt NSIS package, as a standard Windows installer, with single file multi-language (Simplified Chinese + English), stable and flexible installation, uninstallation, maintenance and repair, and the integrated decoder combination has been optimized and adjusted for compatibility as much as possible, suitable for Most ordinary users who mainly use multimedia appreciation or simple production, as well as novice users; for experienced or professionals with multimedia production needs, we recommend that you install independent tools that suit your needs, rather than using integrated tools Generic decoding package.

Storm video

How to use Baofengyingyin:

Load subtitles

Subtitle files usually come in two forms: srt files, which can be downloaded directly for use. There are also idx and sub files.

Put the movie file in the same folder as its srt file, and change the movie file name to the same name as the srt file name. You can do it after reading it.

Shielding method:

When playing a movie with Baofengyingyin, look at the "File" menu, and then click "Screenshot". Or right-click in the playback window and click Screenshot.

Select the save path, after confirming, it can be saved as JPG image format, Baofengyingyin will default the file name, and users can also customize the file name.

After saving, Baofengyingyin will also display the picture save path.


  • Storm video