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Thunder Speed Edition

Thunder Speed Edition

  • size: 22.7M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.0.35
  • type: Life service
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-23 03:21:05

brief introduction

Thunder Speed Edition is an extremely fast version download tool launched by Xunlei. On the basis of the original version, it removes redundant advertisements, makes the download faster, the overall interface is more refreshing, occupies less memory and loads quickly. Users can freely enjoy the accelerated download experience brought by the extremely fast version of Thunder. This site provides extremely fast software downloads, welcome to experience.

Introduction to Thunder Speed Edition software

The biggest difference between the super-speed version and the normal version is that the super-speed version does not have as many functions as the regular version. It streamlines the functions that many users may not use, so that the overall size of the software is reduced, the startup speed is faster, and it takes up less memory. In addition, in terms of download speed, it has also been optimized to a certain extent, so that users can download more comfortably and download the high-quality resources they need faster.

Thunder Speed Edition

Thunder Speed Edition software features

Simplify the complicated installation process, give you the most intelligent settings by default, say goodbye to pain, and start quickly

The P2P acceleration module is resident, and the priority is to cut the queue to accelerate. The speed version is fast

Keep improving, hide some advanced functions, and remove some plugin ads. Strive to be the Thunder that understands you best

"Task group intelligent naming" function. Detect repeated characters in task names and automatically name task groups

"Intelligent settings do not monitor websites" function, when Xunlei detects that you cancel the download task from the same domain name twice, it will ask you whether to set the domain name to "do not monitor" websites

"Search for subtitles" function prompts when no subtitles match, and recommends visiting SubHD to search


  • Thunder Speed Edition
  • Thunder Speed Edition
  • Thunder Speed Edition