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Fengyun text to speech converter

Fengyun text to speech converter

  • size: 1.68MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.0
  • type: Media software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-15 03:21:05

brief introduction

Fengyun Text-to-Voice Converter official PC version software is a very high-quality voice converter. The interface of Fengyun speech-to-text software is very simple and intuitive, and users can use it for free, as well as free software upgrades and free software services. At the same time, Fengyun speech to text software does not limit the size of audio files and supports batch conversion of files, which brings a lot of convenience to users and can help users greatly improve work efficiency and life efficiency.

Fengyun text to speech converter software features

1. The software supports voice, recording online recognition, and uploading audio files for one-click conversion.

2. It supports exporting male voice, female voice, emotional male voice, female voice and other voice types. Users can choose freely according to their personal preferences.

3. Provide volume, speech rate, intonation, adjustment functions, support text file import, to meet the various needs of users.

4. It can convert text into various voice formats, including MP3, WAM, AMR, WMA, etc. It can also realize audio and record files to text.

Fengyun text to speech converter software features

1. This software can help users to convert and output text content in text files into audio files, and support output to common output formats such as mp3 and wav.

2. The software supports adding background music and setting the volume of background music. You can customize the reading speed, adjust the volume of the voice, and even set the tone yourself.

3. Support Chinese or English voice file conversion and output into text. The output is a text file in three formats: txt, doc, and docx. Batch conversion and output are also possible.

4. Can be converted between Chinese, English, Japanese, Korean, Russian, French, German, Spanish, Portuguese and other common languages.

Fengyun text to speech changer update log

1. Fix some bugs

2. Optimizing details


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