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Sohu Video Software

Sohu Video Software

  • size: 84.7M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v6.5
  • type: Media software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-12 03:21:05

brief introduction

Sohu Video is an online video player published by Sohu Video. Sohu Video Player can play a large number of online movies, movies and TV series on demand, support video and audio files in mainstream media formats, and can realize local playback and online on-demand online video software. Sohu video covers the original 2d and 3d simple conversion mode, as well as a new acceleration mode. This site provides the download of Distressed Girl software, welcome to experience.

Sohu video software features

Black and white themed skin

unchanging classic

Follow the drama from here

Login can be synchronized with the "cloud"

Super cool audio-visual experience

The game is clearer and more stable

Original quality download

Brand new interface

10G large file upload

Batch upload, watch while uploading, resume uploading

Sohu video function introduction

1. Video and video download

When you come across a favorite movie or video, you can also download it directly to your local computer, and then you can play it with Sohu Player or other players.

2. Video search on the whole network

You can search for videos on other video sites such as Sohu Video or Youku. You can also put your favorite movies or TV shows directly on your desktop.

3. 2D video to 3D

When watching all 2D videos with Sohu Player, you can perform 3D conversion in real time, allowing you to experience the super shocking effect of watching blockbuster movies at home for free!

4. Online video playback

You don't need to go to Youku Tudou... You just need to download and install Sohu Audio and Video Player to play video resources of major websites on the Internet. Enjoy the popular blockbuster!

5. Network****

Sohu Video Software provides high-definition ** features of TV stations, and you can watch hundreds of TV channels across the country for free.

6. Podcast video upload

Sohu Podcast can upload and share videos directly on the Sohu video client without opening the web page. It supports multi-tasking and resuming transfer from breakpoints, which is convenient and fast.


  • Sohu Video Software
  • Sohu Video Software
  • Sohu Video Software