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Fengyun Video Converter

Fengyun Video Converter

  • size: 7.04MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.3.2
  • type: Media software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-19 03:21:05

brief introduction

Fengyun Video Converter is a very good professional video processing software. Fengyun Video Converter can meet the needs of users for video format conversion, video clip cutting, video to GIF, video optimization and many other needs. Moreover, the operation method of Fengyun Video Converter is also very simple. Users only need to learn a little to start using this software.

Fengyun Video Converter Software Features

1. It can convert video file formats in batches and choose a variety of output formats.

2. You can cut clips, support to select multiple video clips at the same time, and one-click cropping.

3. It can convert video to gif and customize the format of output file, including frame rate adjustment and size adjustment.

4. Video optimization, can customize the output file format, support grayscale, hue, brightness, contrast, saturation and other optimizations.

5. Multiple videos can be merged, as long as the video is uploaded by dragging and dropping with one key, it can be merged quickly without a long wait.

Features of Fengyun Video Converter Software

The software has two setting methods: drag-and-drop setting time period and precise setting time period. It can also preview video clips and reset the video time period. Multiple video clips can be selected for both video clip editing and video to gif.

Able to add a cropping area, dynamically adjust the width, height and position of the cropping area, and the area adjustment is more flexible.

The output format can be customized and selected, and it can also realize video format conversion without loss, providing users with a variety of ultra-clear video output formats such as HD MP4, MKV, 4K, etc., so that all users can enjoy the ultra-clear brought by high-quality picture quality. Visual experience.

The application software has a powerful post-video editing function, allowing users to quickly produce a professional-level video in a zero-based state.


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