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iQIYI player

iQIYI player

  • size: 42.69M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v7.5
  • type: Media software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-17 03:21:05

brief introduction

iQIYI Player is a computer-side movie player software launched by iQIYI.com. This software relies on iQI's own powerful video library to provide users with a large number of genuine high-definition film and television resources. Users can search and view the massive video resources here. Movies, TV series, variety shows and other programs, allowing you to enjoy the fun of watching movies, friends in need come to this site to download and experience it.

iQIYI player

iQIYI Player Features:

1. Massive free: iQIYI is free to download and install, and watch high-definition genuine videos, new movies, new variety shows, animation, travel, and documentaries for free.

2. High-definition picture quality: DVD picture quality effect, giving you cinema-like audio-visual enjoyment, and providing a variety of definition switching to adapt to different network environments.

3. Smooth playback: It adopts advanced P2P technology and has network adaptive function, which can formulate online viewing plans for users in the fastest and smoothest way.

4. Offline viewing: Most videos of iQIYI's love movies can be downloaded and viewed offline.

5. Powerful functions: switch the lights on and off, skip the beginning and end of the film, watch while selecting, save screenshots, and more cool functions are gradually increasing.

iQIYI player installation steps:

Download the iQIYI installation package and double-click to open the installation file

iQIYI player

 Enter the installer, click "Install Now", you can install according to the default settings, of course, you can also click "Custom Installation"

iQIYI player

  Select the installation directory of the iQIYI player, and click "Install Now" after selecting it.

iQIYI player

 Wait for the software to install (this process takes about 3 minutes)

iQIYI player

  After the installation is complete, click Experience Now to enter the software

iQIYI player

How to play local video on iQIYI player:

Click the download button at the top right of the main interface (in the red box as shown below)

iQIYI player

 In the "Download" interface, click "Local Import" to import local video files

In the selection dialog box, select the video to be imported, and click the "Open" button

iQIYI player

After the import is successful, you can see the imported video in the "Completed" list, click to play the local video


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