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Tinder Security Software for PC

Tinder Security Software for PC

  • size: 17.65MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v5.0
  • type: Security software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-29 03:21:05

brief introduction

 Huorong Security Software PC Edition is a lightweight, efficient and free computer defense and antivirus security software. Huorong Security Software PC Edition is powerful and can comprehensively protect our computer. The software is small and takes up less resources.

Tinder security software computer version software features

1. Super defense and refusal to steal account: Adopt active defense mode to detect and kill known virus and Trojan horses while defending against unknown security threats.

2. Lightweight, efficient, and fun to play: Small in size and less resource-intensive. It does not affect the efficiency of the game, allowing you to play happily.

3. Filter advertisements and clean the Internet: Tinder security software not only blocks common webpage advertisements, but also filters software pop-up advertisements.

4. Mute protection to reduce interruptions: No prompts that have nothing to do with computer security pop up, and no unnecessary software will be forced to install.

5. Self-developed engine, domestic high-quality products: Huorong security software specially develops a high-performance virus killing engine for domestic security trends.

6. Elite team Professional guarantee: Built by former core R&D members of Rising, with more than ten years of network security experience.

Tinder security software computer version software features

1. Both attack and defense: combined with defense and killing, while killing known viruses and Trojans, it also defends against new viruses and new Trojans.

2. Tinder silent protection: Few safety prompts, no irrelevant announcements, help you to kill viruses silently, actively defend against threats, do not disturb daily use, and you may not even feel its existence.

3. Word file whitening: Word documents are infected by viruses, no longer just rudely deleted, Huorong will comprehensively analyze Word infected files, separate the virus from the original file as much as possible, remove the virus while retaining the original Word document, and protect your data to the greatest extent. Safety.

4. Low resource occupation: The software is small in size and hardly occupies system resources, especially suitable for office workers and game users.

Tinder security software PC version update log

1. Fix bugs

2. Optimization function


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