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Net net expert computer version

Net net expert computer version

  • size: 14.73MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: 1.0
  • type: Security software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-08-08 03:21:05

brief introduction

Netnet Expert PC Edition is a security software that provides a pure system experience. Every user can experience the pop-up anti-harassment function and the function of preventing installation of bundled software in the software. When downloading software on the Internet for a long time, it will come with Certain bundled software will reduce your system advertisements and system purity, and your computer will become more stuck, while Netnet experts can give Xiaobai users a simple and convenient use, and can install pop-up advertisements and bundled installations. Simply block, come and experience this security software with pure system experience with your friends.

Net net expert computer version software features:

1. Start cleaning up the Internet now: Say goodbye to unwanted software pop-ups and bundled installations.

2. The software pop-up window will never appear again: it can only recognize, and the full-screen display has no dead ends, which can prevent harassment.

3. Bundled installation, easy to intercept: dynamic data analysis, safe and reliable installation process.

Net net expert computer version bundled installation and interception function use:

The software interception function uses:

1. As long as Netnet Expert is successfully installed, the bundled software interception will take effect automatically, monitoring every step of software installation in real time.

2. When the installation of the bundled software is detected, it will remind you through the image below and provide handling suggestions. The final installation is up to you.Net net expert computer version

  View block history or customize block policies

1. Open the main interface of the software, and then click the "Bundled software installation interception" button.

Net net expert computer version

2. This interface records all bundled installation interception records of this computer.

Net net expert computer version

3. If you want to customize the blocking policy, click "Edit" in the lower left corner.

Net net expert computer version

 a) Alert Handling Policy: We will prompt you for a bundled installation. You can choose to install or block it as needed.

Net net expert computer version

b) Automatic processing policy: If this policy is selected, the installation of bundled software is automatically blocked.

Net net expert computer version

c) Closed Policy: If you choose this policy, you will not be able to prevent any bundled software from being installed, and sometimes bundled software is installed carelessly and accidentally. Therefore, it is not recommended to turn off blocking policies.

Net net expert computer version

Net net expert computer version software update:

1. Add setting center;

2. Fix several bugs.


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