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Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition

Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition

  • size: 108.21MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: 3.0
  • type: Security software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-07-18 03:21:05

brief introduction

Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition is a security software that integrates computer management, driver update, and computer anti-virus functions, while Lenovo PC Manager is relatively simpler, allowing each user to experience many software functions in a refreshing way, and in the software It can also detect and kill viruses, and the virus cooperates with Huorong Security, so that each individual user can feel more at ease when using it, and can also view the relevant information of their own computer hardware in the software, which can be managed more clearly If you really can't solve the problem of your own hardware, you can find a lot of customer service services in the software to solve various problems on the computer. Come and experience this set of computer management, driver update and computer antivirus with your friends. functional security software.

Lenovo PC Manager PC software features:

Network monitoring and repair

Monitor and repair network conditions, get a comprehensive view of network applications, quickly find network problems, and quickly locate network faults.

garbage cleaning

One-click removal of redundant files, enabling the computer to "slim down quickly", freeing up more hard disk space, improving the running speed of the computer, and making the device more comfortable to use.

Hardware information query

Easily query all hardware information of the computer, fully understand the detailed configuration of the computer, and understand your own equipment information.

Lenovo PC Manager PC version installation tutorial:

After downloading the installation package on this site, double-click to open it, and you can choose an installation, but it is recommended to choose a custom installation at the bottom right to choose a different drive letter.


In terms of drive letter, it is recommended to install on a hard disk other than the C drive.


Installation is in progress, wait a minute or so for the installation to complete.


After the installation is complete, you can open and experience all the contents of Lenovo Computer Manager.


Lenovo PC Manager PC software highlights:

1. Compared with novice users, it is easier to use and has more customer service support, so that each user can easily solve problems on their own computers.

2. It can clean up the daily redundant files and keep the computer very clean at all times, so that the overall speed of the computer can be faster.

3. Compared with other competing products, the overall use will be more refreshing, without any advertisements, and the user experience will be better.

4. It can also check and kill daily viruses, and cooperate with relevant firewall settings to basically resist most viruses, creating a safe computer environment for each user.

Comparison between Lenovo PC Manager PC version and 360 Security Guard:

1. In terms of product function richness, overall software richness and depth, 360 Security Guard has more comprehensive functions, while Lenovo Computer Manager has basic functions, which depends on each user's function needs to choose.

2. In terms of advertisements, there are many advertisements in 360 Security Guard, which need to be closed manually. Lenovo PC Manager can be said to have no advertisements in terms of advertisements, so that every user can enjoy a more convenient experience in use.

3. It also has a customer service problem-solving system. Compared with the user experience, Lenovo Computer Manager is more suitable. If there are too many users of 360, it will take longer to queue.

4. In the case of Lenovo-branded notebooks and desktops, Lenovo Computer Manager is more recommended, because it is launched by Lenovo and is more compatible with various computer hardware in the case of driver updates.


  • Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition
  • Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition
  • Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition
  • Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition
  • Lenovo PC Manager PC Edition