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Rising Antivirus

Rising Antivirus

  • size: 48.8M
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v25.0
  • type: Security software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-07-09 03:21:05

brief introduction

Rising Antivirus V17 adopts Rising's most advanced quad-core antivirus engine. It has powerful performance and can comprehensively find and kill viruses and Trojan horses that are prevalent in the network. At the same time, increased kernel enhancement, application entry protection, download protection, chat protection, video protection, registry monitoring and other functions, can help users achieve multi-level, comprehensive information security stereo protection. This site provides computer version software download, welcome to experience.

Rising antivirus software V17 software introduction

According to the introduction, the newly added Decision Engine (RDM for short) is Rising's first artificial intelligence antivirus engine. It relies on a huge malware library and introduces machine learning algorithms to give the V16+ virus-recognition capabilities similar to the human brain. It can get rid of the traditional antivirus engine's dependence on virus interception, can find out virus programs more accurately, and kill the latest unknown virus on the Internet quickly and effectively.

Rising Antivirus

 The newly added gene engine adopts the "software gene" extraction and comparison technology independently developed by Rising. Rising classifies a large number of virus programs according to the similarity of the programs, and extracts "software genes" from these virus families to generate a gene engine for identifying the virus "virus gene bank". The whole operation process does not require manual intervention, and has the characteristics of timely and efficient. In addition, this V16+ update upgrades the base engine, introduces virus detection methods such as graphic similarity and secondary detection, and improves many original features.

Rising Antivirus

Rising antivirus software V17 software features

basic engine

Accurately detect and kill all kinds of malware.

Cloud killing engine

Billion-level cloud virus records, instantly handle the latest viruses.

Decision Engine (RDM)

Detect and kill unknown Trojans based on advanced artificial intelligence algorithms.

gene engine

Through the "software gene" to kill the popular Trojan horse group.


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