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Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition

Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition

  • size: 69.36 MB
  • platform: Win7/Win8/Win10
  • Version: 9.12
  • type: Social software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-06-16 06:21:05

brief introduction

Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition is a chat software that is convenient for buyers and sellers to communicate with each other. It allows you to know more about the information of products. Users can chat with Taobao stores through Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition, and you can also search for you through pictures. The goods you need help you find what you need easily. Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition can query shopping carts and orders with one click, as well as view the introduction of the products you want to buy in the chat box.

Software introduction
Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition is a chat software for Taobao members and sellers. Users can chat online, voice chat, video chat, file transfer, send offline files, etc., download the experience you like!

Ali Wangwang Buyer Edition


1. do not disturb
Turn on the Do Not Disturb feature to read messages when you are free
2. Screenshot upgrade
Take pictures at will, and take wherever you want;
3. application Center
One-click to add a large number of application center software
4. Expression upgrade
A variety of expression packs can be added arbitrarily, and the expression packs can be easily managed with one click
5. SMS Want Want
Support mobile, telecommunications, China Unicom three types of numbers to send each other, you can also find your friends through mobile phone numbers;
6. Screenshot search baby.
Search for the products you need through pictures, which is convenient for finding what you need
7. Custom skinning upgrades.
One-click replacement of theme skins to make your interface more beautiful
8. Offline file receipt receipt
Send and receive messages and documents even when offline
9. recommended friends
The system pushes your address book friends and friends you know by itself
10. Chat window micro-shop
Check the shopping cart and order with one click, and check the introduction of the products you want to buy in the chat box
11. Login to Banner Alerts
Log in to Aliwangwang to directly remind you if it is your birthday
12. funny avatar
You can switch between interesting avatars at will
13. Random themed dress up
You can change the theme with one click, the theme is free, you can change it anytime you want
14. Amoy Assistant
You can check the status of the goods you purchased, logistics, etc.
15. shop group
Even if the group is updated, there are a lot of discounted products waiting for you to buy
16. Security center
The software is very safe, you can shop with confidence
17. life assistant
It can also help to repay credit cards, transfer money, recharge phone bills, pay water, electricity and coal bills, etc.

installation steps
Download the Aliwangwang Buyer Edition installation package, click Quick Install
Select the location you want to install and click Install Now
After the progress bar appears, wait for a while
After the installation is complete, remove the troublesome built-in software, click to experience it now




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