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Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022

Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022

  • size: 4.24GB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: Win10
  • type: systems software
  • language: English
  • time: 2022-07-31 18:07:26

brief introduction

Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022

Windows 10 pure version 64-bit v2022 is an installed system with excellent service functions. The system is produced in an offline environment to ensure the security of the system, and the newly released functions of win10 are also added to the system, so that users can Quickly master and use it~

Introducing Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022:

1. Users can modify the screen saver pictures or videos.

2. Users can add startup items and delete the original startup items.

3. The system can replace the mouse and keyboard by connecting other devices.

4. There is a time recording function in the lower right corner, which can also be used to create multiple schedules.

5. The system will record the user's usage habits and analyze and optimize the control method.

6. The system comes with 3D drawing software, so that users are not limited by plane graphics.

7. When the shutdown is not completed, the shutdown will be suspended, and the shutdown will continue after confirmation by the user.

8. When the user reads a file while browsing, the next file will load itself.

Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022 Advantages:

1. Strengthen the system registry information base to reduce the possibility of system stuck and black screen.

2. The system will optimize the item push of the system according to the user's usual browsing habits.

3. Add sound effects when booting and shutting down, and support users to upload and download sound effects.

4. Users can sort and optimize files with one click, or back up file data.

5. Enhance the system scanning function, and search for network results while scanning locally.

6. After the mobile phone is bound to the system, when the mobile terminal device is lost, the location can be confirmed through the computer.

7. The installation steps and operations of the system are simplified to the greatest extent, and the installation methods include all mainstream methods.

8. Users can obtain cloud space based on account information, upload and save files and contact data.

What is the difference between Windows 10 Pure Edition and Professional Edition?

1. Compared with the professional version, the pure version of win10 is more compact and has no third-party software.

2, and the win10 pure version system has optimized the start menu to make the user's use more efficient.

3. The pure version system also optimizes the icon settings of the desktop, making the desktop look more refreshing.

4. The pure version of win10 also has a tablet mode, and more updates have been made for the tablet mode.

Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022 Disclaimer:

1. The copyright of this Windows system and software belongs to their respective owners.

2. It is only used for personal packaging technology research and exchange, and shall not be used for commercial purposes.

3. This website is not responsible for any technical and copyright issues, please delete it within 24 hours after the trial.

4. If you have any comments and suggestions on this system, please feedback to the forum, please purchase genuine Windows operating system software!


  • Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022
  • Windows 10 Pure 64-bit v2022