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Lemon desktop official v1.5.0

Lemon desktop official v1.5.0

  • size: 3.1MB
  • platform: Windows
  • Version: v1.5.0
  • type: systems software
  • language: chinese
  • time: 2020-09-17 03:21:05

brief introduction

The official version of Lemon Desktop is a computer desktop beautification software. It can not only automatically change the wallpaper of the desktop, but also quickly arrange the desktop icons for users, and put them into the folders they make without any usage restrictions. If you need it, please download and use it.

Lemon Desktop official version software introduction

Lemon Desktop official version is a completely free system beautification software, which provides users with a large number of computer themes and desktop wallpapers, including tens of thousands of themes, wallpapers, mouse pointers and system sound effects. At the same time, the official version of Lemon Desktop integrates download management and integration, is easy to use, and installs themes quickly and easily, and has won a good reputation among computer theme lovers and wallpaper lovers.

Lemon Desktop official version software features

1. Lemon Desktop can help users quickly organize desktop icons and store various icons in a brand-new icon box, which is very easy to use.

2. The installation package of Lemon Desktop is only 1MB in size, and the software startup speed is very fast, occupying very little memory resources.

3. The software can be started quickly, directly access the user's commonly used applications, and very considerate services, allowing users to have a very perfect enjoyment.

4. The software is completely free of charge, without any usage restrictions, and will always provide users with free upgrades.

Lemon Desktop official version update log

1. Fix the problem that the right-click menu crashes and returns to the original desktop

2. The Lemon Calendar has added a holiday record for 2017 holidays, which solves the problem that some dates in the calendar cannot be ordered.

3. Added today's popular mini news page (the setting window can be closed)

4. The installer supports setting whether the desktop, calendar, and notes can be started separately.

5. Remove the uninstalled questionnaire

6. Optimize the underlying code and fix some bugs and problems inside the program

7. Solve the problem that the right-click menu of the file is not displayed correctly

8. Solve the problem that residual files are displayed when saving documents on the desktop

9. Solve the problem that the document will escape from the box after saving


  • Lemon desktop official v1.5.0