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Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version

Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version

  • size: 46.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.10
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-18 09:49:06


Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version (package name: machine war girl Alice) is a very fun secondary style mecha combat game, this game with a new way to let players feel super exciting game process, and there is a very cool way to fight, and the traditional machine war game is different, this game is not only cold war machine, there are a lot of secondary beauty girl, can definitely capture your Heart!

Note: This game if you enter the game display is not Chinese, you can find the Language setting in the settings, and then select Chinese can be.

Mecha Alice game background.
This is a game about the struggle of young girls who put their lives on the line to fight against the mysterious life form "Weiß" for the survival of mankind. In the game, due to the attack of "Weiß", human beings decided to escape from the Earth on the escape ship group "Tokyo Shad"; and in order to fight against the pursuit of "Weiß", the girls called "Actress" will put on the "Alice Gear" battle armor to stand up and fight!

Players in the game, will be the new captain of the "Actress" troops, players must not only lead the girls continue to grow to fight "Weiß", but also for these people drifting around the universe to find the next place of survival, to save people from the crisis of extinction!

Next, we will classify the various systems in the game into mission system, analysis system, paper doll system, intimacy system, weapon strengthening and evolution system and battle system, and let's learn about them together!

Mecha Alice game features.
1、A large number of weapon combinations to bring new game play, a new game fun unlock different combat play to feel the exciting adventure process.

2, the higher the player level the higher the damage, exciting combat skills to allow players to freely choose to feel a new game adventure process.

3, exciting battle process to bring a new game fun, players can get u different items in different copies to enhance the damage.

Mecha Alice highlights.
1, in the game need to own their own mecha, control any heroic character role can get the allegiance of the girl.

2, the results presented to the player are based on the attack to see if you can achieve your satisfaction from the map;

3, in the battle if you want to play a variety of new patterns, must be with your teammates for perfect cooperation.

Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version advantages.
Although the game is already online in the national service, but the Taiwan service because of the faster update speed, compared to the national service to play more worth.

The game can be played without gas pedals, and I personally tested the latency is still relatively low, but also basically did not encounter the case of dropped lines.

The game comes with traditional Chinese, and the Japanese service is much better, after all, when playing in terms of there are no obstacles or very important.

Mecha Alice newbie strategy
Initial choice of ideas

Before you choose the initial, you need to understand: aga in addition to some of the high difficulty copies for the amusement of veteran players, event copies, main plot copies are very low difficulty, the main game content of the "investigation copy" difficulty level step up will stop at a maximum of about 60 levels, the official said the difficulty is based on the three-star character design. Therefore, any four-star character has the ability to easily week back to the investigation, do not have to pursue too much strength. If you choose to start the game directly: the first ten in a row will be in the initial group of nine people (Biraizaka night dew, wikipedia Fumika, Kaneshigaya Shitala, Gozuma Aoshi, Hyuga Reen, Kotori Tour Ren, a Ayaka, Aikawa Aika, Yumi Shigaya), the ten in a row can be reset infinitely, but only one four-star output. If you choose to buy the initial number to start the game: please select your favorite character first, then fill in the attribute restraint gaps, and finally choose according to functionality and strength.

About attribute restraint

Aga's attribute restraint relationship is very special, is a kind of mutual damage type restraint. The two attributes of electric shock and gravity, electric shock as the attacker, will cause restraint damage to the gravity attribute enemy; on the contrary, the gravity attribute enemy will also cause restraint damage to the electric shock attribute character as the defender. That is to say, the use of restraint character brush damage is also more likely to die violently. In addition, in addition to the main restraint relationship, there is also a set of secondary restraint relationship. The electric shock burning razor gravity cold strike, the restraint relationship multiplier in addition to lower than the main restraint relationship, the rules and the main restraint relationship consistent. Therefore, as long as you ensure a minimum of 2 four-star role (attribute opposing), up to 4 four-star (all attributes), that is, easy week back to almost all conventional copies.

About the output type (this is not important)

All characters have an output type classification, the current version of a total of four, respectively: attribute release specialization attribute variation release attribute out of power variability attribute out of power special type, the specific classification in the character interface long press the avatar in the passive first column can be seen. The four categories of attribute damage / physical damage ratio are: (high / low higher / slightly lower slightly lower / higher low / high), the attribute damage defense is from low to high in the same order of increasing. Simply put, the more left the current version of the type of mutual damage the greater the strength. But the output type in the actual battle impact is relatively small, basically only in the discussion has meaning, please do not use as the basis for choosing the initial role.

Mecha Alice Editorial Review.
Mecha Alice this game is considered a different color in the machine warfare game, the game has a lot of content, can give players a completely different fun experience, like the partners come to download it!


  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version
  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version
  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version
  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version
  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version
  • Mecha Alice Taiwan official website version