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Astral Blade

Astral Blade

  • size: 170.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v2.2.4
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-17 09:42:36


Astral Blade is a very interesting adventure game, this game players will have to start the adventure in the lost planet, where there are endless dungeons, and constantly collect crazy weapons, the game of combat is also quite fast, like this game players must not miss, hurry to download experience it!


Astral Blade Features

1、Weapon and equipment system is rich, ultra-high game to reduce the extreme value, you can get the best equipment at any time.

2, invite 40% of the hot blood and brothers in the royal city, together with the battle, so that 10,000 people at the same time to fight, so that people in the years of passion engraved in the bones.

3、Legendary masterpiece, a variety of hidden exploration tasks, plot big brother, test location, passionate duel.

4、Players can choose from a variety of classic characters online and enjoy a different game every time they start.

Highlights of Astral Blade

1, absolutely guarantee zero charge entrance, all the equipment can only be played by hand, the explosion rate is also high, it is easy to play.

2, the real heavenly palace dictionary says the strongest guild can be established here, subversive players can go to check.

3, can take you to feel the different blood classic. There is no such thing as a tycoon to cultivate the goodwill of Jiang Zhan and go out into the world together.

4, players can change into new clothes, wake up new clothes, let the super buff combat power skyrocket.

Astral body of the blade gameplay

1、It feels good to play in a big ninja action fighting hall where there are many different fighting ninjas.

2, there is a wealth of battle levels, you have to constantly improve their fighting ability.

3, easier to abuse them in the level, enjoy the arcade like fighting fun through agile combat mode.

4、Unique dark style graphics, exquisite regular main interface settings, ending sad background music, to bring players a new dark experience.

Advantages of Astral Blade

The game's controls are very intuitive and also have the ability to automatically aim when using firearms weapons, making it easy to play and enjoyable from.

Players control characters that gain random abilities during combat, giving players a new experience every time.

Fight in this endless abyss, the game is super diverse with a variety of different scenarios for you to venture into.

Astral Blade Editorial Review

Astral Blade is a very satisfying game to play, the overall fun is superb, plus a lot of content to experience, players can feel the most simple violent aesthetics here, the game also has a lot of unique pets to help you carry out an adventure.


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