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One-man cloud game

One-man cloud game

  • size: 13.50M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.8.0.103
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 13:36:04


This independent version of the app is officially launched by Tencent. Download the 15M micro end and open it into the complete game content of One Man Under, so you can play without regard to configuration.


Advantages of one person cloud game

No need to download the game body, more than 10M can easily play.

Independent network is more smooth, with a floating window to monitor the signal in real time.

A variety of picture quality settings can be adjusted to experience more different images.


One Man Cloud game features

The game inherits the deep integration of the IP into the local culture and the culture of the city.

Fine restoration of domestic landmarks shown in the cartoon and key scenes from the original anime.

The game also features the traditional Chinese professions such as Tian Shi Fu, Wu Hou Qi Men and Xiang Xi Witchcraft.

With hundreds of freely matching skills, the game revolutionizes the action hand game experience and provides fans with the most "Chinese" exciting alien fighting.

Players can also explore the hidden plot of the comic and uncover the secrets of the core of the Inhuman world!


One man cloud game fast upgrade strategy

01、Follow the main line, upgrade without worry

In order to ensure the smooth growth of new employees, the company has arranged experience and rewarding main quests for everyone early on.

By completing the main quests, not only can you enjoy the plot and level up at a rapid pace, you can also keep unlocking more challenging gameplay and get a richer gaming experience! In the early stages of the game, employees can easily level up by following the main quests~

The main task is the main source of experience in the early stage

It is important to note that some of the game's gameplay requires a certain amount of stamina to enter. In view of the high upgrade cost performance of the main line tasks, panda sauce wall recommended that all employees in the early stages of the priority to allocate physical energy to the main line tasks Oh!

02、Take into account the daily routine and lay the foundation

In addition to the main line tasks, employees can also gain a wealth of experience and resources to advance their roles by completing daily tasks and order tasks.

After consuming physical strength to complete the main line, employees can experience more, to speed up the pace of upgrading, but also to build a good foundation for the role later.

In addition, employees can also sign in, participate in limited-time activities and other ways to get rich experience and a lot of supplies, seize the opportunity to enhance their strength, to quickly upgrade a good material basis.

03、Use guild to get twice the result with half the effort

The guild is an important home for the employees in the game, so Panda Sauce recommends that you try to join the guild in the early stages.

Through guild tasks and guild play, employees can not only get rich resources to raise, but also consume guild contributions to unlock attribute bonuses, which is a rare boost! With them, employees can upgrade more smoothly!

In addition, join the guild can also meet a group of lovely staff like this sauce love the game, in the late team copy, the guild members are your best support!

04、Pay attention to details and get started quickly

The early main quests not only have a lot of experience and rich plot experience, but also have a lot of easy-to-understand teaching guidance for the gameplay.

Employees through these guidance, familiar with the operation, not only to speed up the upgrade, the face of the later stages of the more difficult and more profitable levels, but also to reduce the number of failures, quickly get a lot of rewards.

The game's specialties have different characteristics and operational difficulties. Panda Sauce recommends that employees try to choose the specialties that suit their operational habits, so that they can quickly get started and pass the tasks more easily.

In addition, the panda sauce also reminds everyone that employees can find "Old Li" Li Fangrui in the Technology Department before level 40 to switch between specialties for free, so the panda sauce suggests that employees can take advantage of this opportunity to find a speciality that meets their needs.


One Man Cloud Game Review

One Man Cloud Game is a very small size cloud game platform app that allows us to tap to start a one man adventure action, play very smoothly and also restore it perfectly.


  • One-man cloud game
  • One-man cloud game
  • One-man cloud game
  • One-man cloud game