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Naruto Cloud Games

Naruto Cloud Games

  • size: 13.43M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.45.26.8
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-15 13:21:35


Naruto Cloud game is a hot-blooded classic action fighting game created by Tencent. This game gives you a very large number of Naruto ninjas to recruit. This cloud game version allows you to experience the complete game content of Naruto for free in 15M and easily play the world of cloud games.


Naruto Cloud game advantages

No heat, low power consumption, so that your starter phone can also play easily.

Super small size, no content, so that your phone is not lagging oh.

No update, no loading, anytime, anywhere, open and play online.


Naruto features

100% authentic restoration of the original plot, the debut of the chapter of the blast wind, a decade of 100 ninja powerful descend.

Players can play as Naruto, Sasuke, Uchiha Weasel and other ninjas at will.

Experience the full-bodied Ninjutsu fighting and full-screen Ouija moves.

You can also cross-services match 2V2 blood PK, participate in the undifferentiated ninja fighting competition, to determine the way you belong to the ninja!


Naruto latest version update content

New Content

>>New Ninja

Bo Feng Shui Men [obscene earth reincarnation], Uchiha Sasuke [blast wind transmission spell seal], Black Earth [Christmas Wonderland], Yamashiro Aoba.

>>Shura talent

Raise the level of Shura talent to 3000, the number of talent order to raise 2 orders.

>>>New artifacts

New artifact Kusanagi sword.

New gameplay

>>>Chat System 2.0

Chat system is fully upgraded, new war zone channel, support voice recording to text; new quick speech and war zone shouting, extended chat expressions; optimize the interactive experience and display effect of chat system.

>>Organization Merge

The organization merge function is online. 10 level organizations will activate the organization merge function when their activity is too low, and the chief can initiate the organization merge application. The requirements for organization merging are that both organizations have reached level 10 and the sum of the number of members/trainees of both organizations does not exceed the maximum number of members of a single organization. No new members or changes in membership are allowed during the application period. After the application is confirmed by the other organization, both organizations will be merged after public announcement. All members (including the chief) of the organization that applied for the merger will become ordinary members of the new organization.


Naruto Cloud game review

Naruto Cloud game is a very small size game, this only 15M game easily let our cell phone to play, do not worry about the configuration, memory is not enough, very suitable for the entry phone.


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