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God of Destruction Welfare Edition

God of Destruction Welfare Edition

  • size: 375.55M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-14 10:38:28



God of destruction welfare version of this magic action fighting game, this welfare version of the magic fighting game, so you can be in the world of magic experience on line, you can receive a variety of help upgrade equipment and gift packs props and so on, so you can play in the world of magic more cool oh.

God of Destruction Introduction

This is a magic world, a variety of realistic picture quality, let you immerse yourself in the world.

Free skill addition, free equipment collocation, give you a rich game.

There are also a variety of characters can be summoned, come to summon our characters to experience the magic world.

God of Destruction Welfare Edition Newbie Gift Pack

★ The first charge of the opening is free! There are 328 recharge cards for free! Three days in a row to directly experience the gods trench opening.

★ super high burst rate every day to fight BOSS burst recharge coupons! All equipment BOSS all drop! The equipment can also be recycled diamond and real recharge.

The first thing you need to do is to enter the exchange code and get 100 million yuan of treasure! can also receive meteoric iron divine weapons knife knife blaze.

★ Monthly card for only 1 yuan! Receive a huge amount of yuan treasure every day! There are also low-cost packs and limited-time rewards that do not cost money.

★The opening with the white tiger! The real initial send white tiger! The most popular game in the world is "The White Tiger". The most enjoyable gaming experience for you.

God of Destruction gameplay features

1、Fast-paced development

What, it only takes 10 minutes to raise a full level hero? Wouldn't that be a bit too rash! Believe me, as the college grows and develops, your speed can be even faster.

2、Easy real placement

Online the whole automatic battle, offline the whole automatic upgrade, really work life zero burden, easy to play the game.

3、Battle is more perfect

Compared with other Mud games, our combat system is more perfect, each race and occupation has its own characteristics and advantages, and we will continue to improve the new races and occupations to provide players with more choices and fun!

God of Destruction Player Reviews

Come with us into the game world of God of Destruction, I can receive a very large number of gift packs after I go online this game, explore the magic of the scene to find the game's picture quality is really very good-looking.



  • God of Destruction Welfare Edition
  • God of Destruction Welfare Edition
  • God of Destruction Welfare Edition
  • God of Destruction Welfare Edition
  • God of Destruction Welfare Edition