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Crystallization Chinese version

Crystallization Chinese version

  • size: 23.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v0.9.4.2
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 16:46:50


Crystalized (Crystalized) is a very fun level game, using the classic pixel style, players will operate a little girl to carry out a very exciting adventure, the content of the game is still very diverse, and the overall fun is also very good, the operation is very simple, two thumbs to control the movement and attack can be, but the level design is super sophisticated, must come to experience!


Crystallization Highlights

1, upgrade their wingsuit clothing can increase the distance and safety of flight.

2, in high definition blue sky and white clouds, a lot of exciting wingsuit competition will be able to carry out.

3, the player can control the direction of the wingsuit flight through a simple arrow keys is extremely simple.

Advantages of crystallization
1: Here you will play a unique little girl, using the power of crystals to solve puzzles and save people in the avalanche.

2: You will encounter a variety of challenges, now come to the game try it, the game is more difficult, more test your operation yo.

3: You need to fully demonstrate the strong strength to successfully pass, different ways to play with a new model.

Crystallization features
1, very beautiful game background screen can cure you, let you get a very good mood, come and try it.

2, a large number of levels for you to break into, each level has a lot of props can be collected, the game process is particularly exciting.

3, players of all ages can play this game, there is no threshold restrictions, a very characteristic parkour breakthrough game.

Crystallization evaluation
1: A super unique fun pixel parkour survival game, in the game control your character keep sprinting forward it.

2: Here also has a lot of props for you to use, each prop has a new role and appearance.

3: The operation is also very simple, all ages of players can easily get started, but how long to survive depends on your ability.

Crystallization Editorial Review
Crystalization this game is constantly difficult to play, suitable for boredom to play a game, not for the challenge of difficult levels, but also to enjoy the makers of the amazing level design, although the pixel style but full of screen gameplay ah!


  • Crystallization Chinese version
  • Crystallization Chinese version