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Ryuji 2 Mobile

Ryuji 2 Mobile

  • size: 88.45M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.1
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 16:06:02


Ryuji 2 mobile version is a very cool action fighting game. Sega's super fighting IP, a variety of ups and downs of the plot and you to experience, come to feel a variety of real smooth fighting fun. The game for Android mobile version, the latest version has supported the Chinese Oh.


Introduction of Ryuji 2 mobile version

The story told is the sequel of Kiryu Kazuma, continue to carry out exciting fighting oh.

Hitting feel can be said to have done the ultimate, smooth experience a variety of fighting feeling.

The story plot is also the reason why this game is classic, look at the end to let people deep inside.


Ryuji 2 story plot

Kiryu Kazuma put aside the days when he fought and killed in the East Side Society; he and the girl he took care of, Sawamura Yao, lived an ordinary and peaceful life after the strife. However, with a single shot, this peace is shattered: the fifth president of the Tojo Club, Gyokio Terada, has been assassinated, and a vicious battle is about to take place; the legendary "Dojima no Ryu" has to be involved in the rivalry again.

Kiryu must go to Osaka Amanohori to try to make peace with the rival gang. But the "Dragon of Kansai", Ryuji Hyoda, is already ready for war. In this world, there can only be one "legendary dragon".


Ryuji 2 Chapter 1 strategy

Chapter 1 - The Book of Life
1 year after the plot of the generation, Kiryu became the adoptive father of Yao, the day, Kiryu woke up, took Yao to the cemetery to pay respect to the old man Kazama, a generation of heroine and a generation of villains.

And tombstone interaction can review the plot of the previous work. Familiar with the plot of the previous game players can directly skip.

After learning that Kiryu was in the cemetery, the president of the East Side Association Terada came here and met Kiryu, as the East Side Association looks to fall apart, Terada requested Kiryu to come out.

However, because he wanted to live a peaceful life, Kiryu did not agree.

However, with a gunshot, the plot began to shift.

After taking out Terada's minions, a group of armed men came to the cemetery and tried to wipe out Terada and Kiryu.

However, these minions where is Kiryu's opponent?

This battle is considered a teaching battle, very simple, just follow the button prompts to play on the line.

After the death of Terada, back to the East Side will meet the acting president, that is, Terada's wife, at the end, Kiryu to see Daigo, but Terada's wife said that he was framed for prison, now very decadent, it is difficult to find him.


Go to the street to find Daigo, it is very simple, according to the small map in the lower left corner to find him.

On the way, you will encounter punks bullying a waiter, help him to get Daigo's clues.

This battle is also a teaching battle, mainly to learn how to use weapons.

The weapons of this series of games are easily damaged, the use of weapons is more random, the main battle is through the fist, the weapon is only a secondary part.

Continue to go forward, encountered a group of hooligans in the bullying of a girl, see the weak woman was bullied, Kiryu, of course, to fight. After defeating the hooligans, get a clue from the girl to Daigo.

Follow the girl to the bar, go inside, see Daigo.

At this time, Daigo is devastated and does not want to take care of Kiryu, and the bouncer next to him has no eyes, but actually to provoke Kiryu, in order not to cause damage to the bar, both sides decided to go outside to duel.

These minions are easy to deal with, just keep using normal attacks, or press E to grab an enemy, and then press E to throw it out.

After the battle, stimulated by Kiryu, Daigo ignited a fighting spirit.

As the first BOSS, Daigo is relatively weak, characterized by thicker blood and has two levels of blood bars.

It is recommended to pick up the bicycle to attack Daigo, because this attack is more powerful.

At the end, when Daigo's blood is very low, trigger the big move, release the big move is not difficult, first, press the left mouse button continuously to charge the blue energy bar (below the blood bar), after full of energy, press the right mouse button to release the big move.

Finally, Kiryu and Daigo sit down to talk, Kiryu will Terada's handbook to Daigo, but, Daigo is still unmoved. However, it is not without a twist, Daigo asked Kiryu to meet him on the train.


Ryuji 2 skill addition strategy


1、Lian family 4 skills

Complete the branch 63,64,65 "white lotus master's request" 3 tasks to obtain 4 scrolls

2、Hanoiryu anti-fall

Complete branch 62 "ancient martial arts boy" to obtain the scrolls

3、Strong power attack pole

Obtained after passing all the tournaments in the fighting arena

4、Triple Mat Step

Obtained automatically by completing the trophy "Street Guardian".

5、Weapon Master

Complete the branch 24 "weapons film merchant" WORKS on the mountain store inside to buy 9,999,000 scrolls to learn, need to "Yamen series" branch all done additional

6、The essence of fighting God

Bodyguard mission last one hundred ghosts night walk to complete unlocked

7, the ancient pastor 3 skills

The first two five around the ability value to a certain extent to do acupuncture to get, the last one to defeat the ancient pastor and then go back to acupuncture to get

8, baseball and golf each a skill book in the reward

Hot blooded action.
1、The essence of the bat swing and the essence of the club swing

In baseball and golf rewards respectively

2、The Essence of Strength

Need to complete the branch 25, 26, 27 "wrestler series" to get the last

3、Extreme Essence

It is obtained at the end of the "Amen Series" by completing the branch 39.40,41,42.

Ryuji 2 player reviews

Ryuji 2 let's play Ryu on the cell phone. This is a very classic action fighting game to give you a very enjoyable experience. Here the ups and downs of the story, read it must be deeply felt oh.


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