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Defend or Destroy Official Version

Defend or Destroy Official Version

  • size: 42.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v3.0.0
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-11 15:18:03


Defend or Destroy (Defend or Destroy) is a very fun doomsday survival game, this game has danger everywhere, players need to carefully explore, and constantly collect supplies to live so that they can live, for players who like the theme of the end, this game can be said to be a rare masterpiece, come to experience it!


Defend or Destroy Introduction
Defend or Destroy is a zombie-themed post-apocalyptic survival game. These special zombies will suddenly appear and attack the player from behind, players need to use the ability to hear the sound to identify the direction of the zombie quickly.

Defend or Destroy Features
1. Strategy game as the core, there are also many levels of challenges, the player can manipulate the hero to start breaking customs.

2. Continue to build and develop, build a base here to ensure the lives of survivors.

3. Develop and develop weapons technology, organize and train an army, open up the country and capture more resource points.

Defend or Destroy Highlights
1. The advent of the post-apocalyptic world is the need for players to fully enhance the combat skills in the station, but also need to react to changes in the environment, the operation is also more fervent;

2. Enjoy the challenge of upgrading different stages of combat, in addition to finding weapons and equipment, but also to find some living resources;

3. The more dangerous the battle is also the more innovative gameplay that can inspire players to fight within the battlefield, and all stages of the game require players to react.

Defend or destroy advantage
1、Weapon and defense forging, Christmas surprise after surprise, this is the new year leading to the endless world.

2, doomsday scenery to collect a variety of equipment, enjoy your own life, crisis after crisis to improve your force.

3, dress up style exquisite incomparable, the earth's bloodthirsty battle, bring the road to the construction of survival.

Defend or Destroy Editorial Reviews
Defend or destroy the game is still a lot of content, especially the exploration of the game is still very good, the vast majority of places in this large doomsday world is able to enter, but also set up a large number of interactive elements, like the doomsday theme of the game players must not miss.


  • Defend or Destroy Official Version
  • Defend or Destroy Official Version