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I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version

I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version

  • size: 160.22M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v0.7.2
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-25 10:59:49


I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version is a very fun action fighting simulation game, this game is very exciting fun, smooth action fighting waiting for you to carry out oh. International service allows you to get the opportunity to fight with international players, this version also reins you to experience full weapons, the ultimate invincible existence oh.


I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version crack instructions

Self-mod menu 1. Invincible characters Gold coins do not decrease but increase 2. Gold +10W Energy +1000 3. Increase the silver key Increase the gold key 4.

My Kung Fu Special Cow International Service Introduction

This game allows you to play against players of international service.

The very exciting gameplay makes you fall in love with this game completely.

Very popular kung fu game, are you sure you don't want to download it.


I kung fu special cattle international service gameplay features

-Simple operation, one punch, easy to fight monsters and decompression

-Watch carefully, repeatedly jump across, blood can also show up

-Random secrets, any combination, you decide how to kill the monsters

-Jianghu encounter, surprise constantly, the dragon slayer sword is sent if there is a fate

My kung fu special cattle combination skills strategy
Golden bell shield + blast = post-attack

Effect: After triggering the golden bell shield to offset the damage, the next attack to increase 5-10 times the damage of blows.

Use tips: when triggering the golden bell everyone will paste the monster face dislike for a few seconds, as to whether you can successfully offset the damage, it depends more on the face, offset can quickly cause damage to the enemy.

Get difficulty: simple, and the need for two single secret properties are very important, the recommended use of.

Attack power large + attack power small = ten thousand swords towards the clan

Effect: Every 45 seconds around the side of the appearance of many swords, causing damage to the full screen of the enemy.

Use skills: need to take the initiative to attack before the enemy will cause full-screen damage, pushing the map when the single blood more BOSS is a bit overwhelmed, playing the blood thick monsters recommended to trigger the golden bell and then go to the attack trigger.

Get difficulty: general recommendation, simple, two secret books are attack attributes.

to retreat as an advance + combat master + energetic = lingbo microstep

Effect: retreat distance increased, retreat after the next attack to enhance 160%.

Get difficulty: simple, not recommended, personally feel dispensable.


Sucking blood + setting traps + two damage = tracking bomb
Effect: Summon tracking bombs, track enemies for 4 seconds and deal damage.

Tips: summon bombs every few seconds (increase the number with the level), back once will be summoned until the end of the number of summons, back to what place to summon in what place.

Get difficulty: general, highly recommended to use, the new version of the artifact, mawkish flow, open flow, martial arts conference are recommended to use.

Surrounding poison arrows + Surrounding flying sword + Blood boost = Sword power
Effect: Poisoned arrows and flying swords and two into one to form a golden sword, every other section to both sides to launch flying swords.

Tips: Passive skills, not much skill.

Obtaining difficulty: simple The new version of the artifact, indecent flow, open flow, martial arts conference recommended use.

Oriental Sword Technique+Storage Strike+Sunflower Treasure Code=Shifting and Shifting
Effect: Summon a doppelganger to move forward to attack causing a small amount of damage, after the summoning is over the main character character moves to the doppelganger's position to cause secondary damage from a power-up attack, the main character power-up is divided into three stages, the longer the power-up time the farther the doppelganger goes, the main character's secondary damage will be higher.

Tips: Hold down the left button or right button will summon a doppelganger crackling forward to attack.

Get difficulty: general, pushing the map can be dispensable, martial arts conference is highly recommended.

Backward Attack + Mountain Rows + Heart Attack = Dokken
Effect: Attack every 60 seconds to summon a handsome martial arts character with 9 swords that fly to multiple angles to deal damage.

Tips for use: Summon a character every 60 seconds, accompanied by 9 swords, triggering effect is very similar to Ten Thousand Swords Chao Zong. The difference is that the 10,000 swords follow the character, the lonely nine swords do not move in place, also after the summoning, the next attack, 9 swords before the all-round three-dimensional attack.

Get difficulty: general.

I kung fu special cattle international service player reviews

I kung fu special cattle international service is a very fun martial arts fighting game, this game action fighting is very cool, the combination of skills, the articulation of moves, are available for you to experience.


  • I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version
  • I kung fu special cattle international service invincible version