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Kisaragi 6 Mobile

Kisaragi 6 Mobile

  • size: 351.00M
  • platform: Android 4.4 or above
  • Version: v1.0.0
  • type Action fighting
  • language: Chinese
  • time: 2021-03-26 18:14:48


Ryu 6 Mobile is a new online Ryu game, also called Dragon among Men 6, which allows you to experience a variety of realistic combat sense in this game, come and complete our ultimate fighting mission. The new mobile version will be online soon, so look forward to it.


Dragon 6 mobile version description

The game is not yet on the Android platform, like the players click on the reservation, will receive a notification in the first time the game is online Oh.

Ryu 6 mobile version of the introduction

Cell phones can also play the world of Ryu 6, so you can experience what is called cool.

Cell phone operation will not lag at all, restore the most realistic game oh.

Plot ups and downs, let you into the new story of Kiryu a horse it.


Ryu 6 Mobile Gameplay Features

Experience the "Yakuza Engine" firsthand - explore a world far different from the previous Yakuza. Yakuza 6 is a new series for this generation of hardware, featuring detailed visuals, lifelike animations, a new physics engine, interactive storefronts, seamless map loading and more to bring you the world of the yakuza hidden behind Japanese society.

Explore the refreshed Kamurocho and the stunningly scenic Onomichi Renga - Kamurocho has never been more glamorous with its neon lights, urbane townsfolk, and paper-thin atmosphere. Redone and improved mini-games such as Karaoke, Baseball Batting Practice, Darts, PR Club and SEGA Arcade Hall help you have even more fun; plus new additions such as RIZAP Gym, Cat Cafe and Gang Creator are the perfect healing activities after you've been hitting it big all night! And don't forget to take a break from the busy, bustling city life and roam the picturesque Onomichi Renga Town. In this quiet little seaside town, you can experience a variety of local activities, such as bar cruises and javelin spearing (like House of the Dead ...... but with fish)!

People in the way, all knocked down - "Yakuza 6" Kiryu is already a tough guy, his street fighting skills are undoubtedly perfect. Although he only uses a fighting style this time, but do not underestimate its power. Not only will the powerful combos and surging fervor of the battle return, but this time, Donjima no Ryu will also be able to fill the metering bar to enter the ultimate fervor mode. After starting this mode, Kiryu will emit a blue light, barehanded or pick up any "guy" around to hit a burst of combos.


Dragon 6 mobile version ending analysis

Lying in a hospital bed, Kiryu, "Dojima no Ryu" did not die, but he reached an agreement with the government to release Daigo and their conditions, so that the hospital issued a death certificate for himself, faking the world has thought he died, to hide the "secret of Onomichi The secret of Onomichi". The truth that Kiryu is still alive is known only to Detective Ida as a witness.

Okinawa "Marionette" orphanage, back to the place of Yao and Isao, and the children inside together with Yao people learn to walk, happy, laughter. And Kiryu can only stand on the side of the far look at them, Yao people saw Kiryu, smiled and reached out to him a small hand, see this scene of Yao seems to feel something, look in the direction, but did not find a figure.

Finally, in the back of Kiryu Kazuma fading away, "Ryu 6" plot to this point came to an end, the legend came to an end.


Ryu 6 Mobile Player Review

Ryu 6 mobile version is a very exciting fighting game, in a long time ago has been concerned, now on the phone can also be experienced immediately, very much looking forward to, must try this action game oh.


  • Kisaragi 6 Mobile
  • Kisaragi 6 Mobile
  • Kisaragi 6 Mobile